Twelve South TimePorter for Apple Watch Requires Too Much Fussing

The Twelve South TimePorter is a combination travel case for Apple Watch accessories and stand. It looks and carries like an eyeglass case. It's nicely made, and the concept is good. Unfortunately, it requires too much fussing to be considered a great product.

The idea here is that you're a frequent traveler. A case that can hold your Apple Watch charger disk, power adapter and perhaps an extra watch band or two is an obvious thing to throw into a travel bag. It doubles as a stand for the watch at night, just as the Apple Watch Magnetic Charging Dock.

Much Fussing

The first thing I noticed is that the rather long cord for Apple's charger disk has to be carefully wound around the inner tabs. This takes some time and patience to make sure the case closes properly. Next, for night stand use, the Apple Watch has to be wrapped around the case, and that also requires some fussing. These time consuming processes didn't seem productive to me. Also, placing the Apple Watch in Nightstand mode doesn't allow it to wrap securely around the case.

The Design

The actual design concept is fairly sound. There are slots on the end so that the power cord can exit with the case closed without damaging the cord. There's plenty of room inside the case. The inside has a soft lining and the outside is vegan-friendly synthetic leather.

The soft plug where the charger disk fits in has a lanyard and fits over a cap on the inside to keep it tucked away nicely. The TimePorter comes in white or black and weighs about 130 grams (4.5 ounces). There's room inside for the Apple USB adapter as well as the International version.

There a small 4-panel pamphlet inside that tells you everything you need to know about using the TimePorter.

Bottom Line

This is a product that's well made and looks, in photos, as if it would be very cool and useful. But, for me, I found the actual practice of manipulating it, wrapping the cord, dealing with the plug, and wrapping my Apple Watch around it tried my patience. Finally, at nearly US$50, one has to really, really want this product and have a special need.

Not many of the Apple Watch charger stands I previously reviewed travel well, so that's a plus for the TimePorter. It's also well made with robust hinges and nicely designed. But, I surmise, many Apple Watch owners would be just as happy to wrap up the charger disk and power adapter into a zip-lock bag and throw it into a suitcase, saving 50 bucks.

Product: TimePorter

Company: Twelve South

List Price: US$49.99


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Keeps all your Apple Watch accessories safe, in one place, for travel and doubls as a stand. Well made and uses good materials. Choice of white or black. Slots on both ends keep cord from being damaged.


Requires some fussing with the disk plug and cord to get everything wrapped up well. Not really designed for Apple's Nightstand mode. Rather expensive.