Waterfield Spinn Pouch Case for iPhone 6/6 Plus: Excellence in Leather

The new Waterfield Spinn Case for iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 plus is a beautiful piece of handmade workmanship.  It’s not for everyone, but is a good solution for those who can benefit from the characteristics of good carry case made of solid leather, lined with ultrasuede, and who do not need instant access to their iPhone numerous times a day.

Spinn case - open view.

It measures 7 x 4-in (17.8 x 10 cm) and weighs 1.8-oz  (51-g). It's available in full grain leather in black, chocolate, or grizzly. It is guaranteed for the lifetime of the product.

Color options.

This is not just a pouch case. It is open at the bottom for the earphone cable or iPhone charging. It offers a way to wrap your earphone cords for either storage or use. The term Spinn case refers to the spin adaptor that allows users to turn the part that holds ear buds securely.

Example of iPhone 6, wearing a case, securing earphones. 

One of the beauties of ordering your special individual case, which is always a Waterfield customer option, is that you decide if you want to use this case with your iPhone undressed, or dressed in a thin case. When ordering, you specify an iPhone 6 Plus naked, iPhone 6 Plus, with an Apple case, iPhone 6 naked, or iPhone 6 with an Apple case.

Back view, without or with belt loop.

The other major option is to order the case with a belt loop that snaps in place on the back side of the case. The Waterfield Spinn case has an MSRP of US$59 without the belt loop and US$69 with the loop.  It is only available by order from the company web site.

Using The Product

I tested this case in a version without the belt loop and designed for the iPhone 6 with an Apple case. My iPhone is dressed in a Griffin Survivor Core case. This case makes the iPhone approximately ¼-in (0.6-cm) wider. It slid easily into and out of the case. The curved top is designed to make this easy to do. The leather is tough, but somewhat supple. The stitching is even and strong. The large button fastener is easy to use and reliable. This kind and quality of leather only looks better over long term use.

Because of the style of the case, there is no access to the camera and sound is only available through the use of earbuds or headphones. Likewise, the phone must be removed from the Spinn case to adjust the volume or to place or take calls.

I can not comment on the packaging because the case sent to me was ‘first off the line’ and packaging is not ready. It is available for pre-order with an expected ship date of October 10, 2014.

Do I Recommend It?

I do. It is well crafted and very attractive with a solid, professional look. The option of ordering a case designed to meet your needs is a nice benefit. Those who like to wear their iPhone attached to a belt should enjoy the softness of the leather and the very secure closures. For those who live in an area that has rules in place about talking in a moving vehicle, there shouldn't be any concern about how fast you can get to your iPhone when in motion. Perhaps as an aside, I love the fact that I can find my iPhone 6 quickly in a large purse.

Product: Spinn Case

Company: Waterfield

List Price: US59.00 (without belt loop)



This case is available in sizes for iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus and offers a choice of three full grain leather colors. There is a place to store ear buds while in use or in storage. The case is attractive and professional looking. Available with or without a leather belt loop and custom sized for use with or without the Apple case.


Because it's a pouch case, one cannot take photos or adjust volume without removing the iPhone from the case. The same is true for making or placing calls.