Waterfield’s Muzetto Bag is Stunning And Useful

Waterfield has a whole line of leather bags built around Apple products. The Muzetto bags have a messenger bag design that makes a stunning statement.

Muzetto 10 inch Portable bag

In the Computing With Bifocals column I wrote last month, I mentioned that I love beautiful iPad cases and bags. A reader sent me an email suggesting that I check out the Muzetto cases by Waterfield. He had recently purchased one and thought I might like to review them. He was correct. I like to bring high quality items to the attention of TMO readers.

The Muzetto line comes in sizes from personal to 15-in laptop and range in price from US$179 to US$259. The 10-in Portable Muzetto at US$199 is the design appropriate for an iPad. It measures 10.5 x 8.5 by 1.5-in and weighs 1.3 pounds. The outside is naturally tanned leather, and the accent portion is a nylon blend. The bags are available in brown or black and there are several trim options available. The inside lining is gold colored.

Color choices for the Muzetto Portable 10 inch bag

The bag is not padded. There is adequate room inside for an iPad and case, or users can purchase a slipcase designed by Waterfield and available on their web site for US$29. Included with the case is a grippy shoulder pad that may be fastened to the shoulder strap. It holds the bag on your shoulder when you bend over or reach into it.

Views of the Muzetto Portable 10 inch bag

Using the product 

I carried the Muzetto for a weekend trip. Along with my iPad (in its case), I had my iPhone 4S, several personal items, and my credit card case. I left my purse at home. The first thing I noticed is that the Muzetto did not fall off my shoulder every time I bent over or moved around. I didn’t realize that was an advertised feature at the time, just thought it was cool. The length of the strap is more than adequate for cross-chest carrying, but that method is not comfortable for me. So for years I have accepted the fact that whatever I carry on my shoulder is going to fall off. It is very nice when that doesn’t happen. The strap is adjustable to accommodate different heights. 

The leather in this bag is very high quality. It will scratch as any leather will, but the scratches go away after a day or so. It feels like the jackets air force flyers wore back in the day. I always wanted one of those jackets but back then, girls couldn’t wear them.

There are some limitations as to how much this size bag will hold. Women who carry a great deal of items in their purses will probably not be able to substitute this bag and still fit in an iPad, but the purpose is to carry the iPad, not “the kitchen sink”.  

There is no fastener on the flap. It is long enough and heavy enough to remain closed without any fastener.

Do I recommend it? 

I do. If you don’t mind spending money for the real thing, then this is something you should look at. It is well made and the classic design will not go out of style.

Product: Muzetto Personal Bag

Company: Waterfield

List Price: US$199.00



Beautiful leather iPad bag is strong.


None noted.