Whiteboard HD For iPad Has A Natural Feel

One of the things I like best about working with iPhone and iPad apps is the ease with which you can interact directly with the creators. I’m sure many others have found this to be true as well, and have also found that their feedback and suggestions have found willing ears. This has certainly proved to be true with Cory Powers who created Whiteboard HD and recently updated it to version 1.1.

The Product 

Whiteboard HD, which sells fro $4.99,  is only available for the iPad. It functions as a substitute for the old fashioned white boards used in meetings, but with extras.   

It allows you to enter and delete text, select font and font color and change both throughout your project. You can draw. You can create diagrams and flowcharts. You can insert images. You can connect your iPad with a VGA connector and present your project on a big screen. And, my favorite element, you can instantly email your work to members of your work group, your boss, or anyone else who needs to see the results of your meeting.

You can use your keyboard to enter text, but can also use your finger to write on the  board, allowing you to add a signature if needed. You also can rearrange the text, drawings, shapes, or images after you have first placed them on the board.


Entering text                                   Adding an image 


     Sending an email

New Features 

The new features in this version of Whiteboard HD are important to note. They include the following:

  • You can share editable Whiteboard HD files and/or save them as PDFs in your Photo Library.
  • You can add images as objects on a board.
  • The ability to use the Whiteboard for presentations using a VGA adaptor was present in previous versions, but a laser pointer mode has been added that facilitates those presentations.
  • DropBox and Drop.net support has been added to facilitate adding images.
  • You can group multiple objects which allows you to move, delete, paste, etc

Using the Product 

It takes only a few minutes to become familiar with the built in tools and a bit of practice will probably make you quite comfortable.  In discussing the use of this product my review will take an usual turn.   

The same week I became aware of the new version of the app and was asked to review it, I also received a request from a teacher who works with hearing impaired students asking me if I knew of any iPad app that was somewhat like a whiteboard. Her students each have iPads and use them exclusively in school. The students specifically wanted to be able to select fonts and font colors and to be able to change them at will. 

When I told her I knew of one, she wondered if I could help show them how to use it. As a public service project through our local Mac users group, CapMac, I made a short movie demonstrating the app and then another member of our group added closed captioning.  

So, rather that trying to describe what it can do, I refer you to the short movie which gives you an overall picture.

Do I Recommend It? 

I do. I think this is a grand app for anyone who routinely uses their iPad for meetings, planning sessions, or to simply explore ideas on your own. It is sturdy, doesn’t crash, and any questions or problems you have will be addressed by Mr. Powers through email responses. I find it to be very efficient to be able to conduct a board meeting and then email assignments to all the participants before we even leave the room.

Product: Whiteboard HD 1.1

Company: Avici Software

List Price: $4.99


We're Sorry This Is Not Yet Rated


This app simulates a white board and lets users create, draw, insert text, change fonts and colors, insert shapes, change sizes and move objects, and email copies of the work to others.  It also allows users to project work onto large screens using VGA connections.


It can take longer to enter text because of the need to tap on the screen first, but once a user is comfortable with this step, it is a negligible issue.