X-Doria Folio Case for iPhone 6: Awkward by Nature

The X-Doria Engage Folio case for the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus is a folio case designed to inherently protect the iPhone's display. In the process, compromises have been made which create an awkward case to handle. Some, however, will appreciate the folding cover.


This case is a hybrid design. A faux-leather cover is glued to a clear polycarbonate back. The idea is that the folio cover, with a soft textured interior will protect the iPhone from accidental scratching or impact. That's a fine notion, but it comes with built-in compromises tha make it awkward to use.

But first, the description. The case weighs in at 1.46 ounces (41.4 grams). The back is clear polycarbonate with an anti-scratch coating, and the "leather-like" cover has a soft inside and comes in red, black or white (shown here).

The inside has a softer texture than outer faux-leather. 
Note the slot for credit card or two.

The Sleep button on the right is left exposed, of course, but when the case is closed, the mute and volume buttons are covered by the spine.

Notable is the slot on the inside of the cover for a driver's license and one credit card. Three items just won't fit. The slot is well designed, however. It's not so deep that you could lose a driver's license, tucked too far in.

Using the Case

The case snaps on firmly, but I found it a bit difficult to remove. The best place to pry it off, I found, is on the bottom where the ports are exposed, and you can pry off the edges of the (stiff) polycarbonate. Still, it was a fingernail breaker and I feared for my iPhone jumping out of my hands and into the hardwood.

To use the iPhone, you'll need to fold the folio cover back around, and because the hinge is soft, it won't necessarily line up perfectly with the back of the iPhone. It wriggles a bit, and I found that to be an especially annoying feeling when trying to push it into a tight pocket. However, once you start a call, you could close it up because the microphone is on the bottom and there's a hole in the leather for the iPhone's earpiece.

Of course, when the folio cover is folded around for easy holding, the camera lens is covered. That's just one of the basic design problems of a folio case for an iPhone that one should be aware of.

I love clear polycarbonate cases, but X-Doria should have blackened the camera port aperture around the outside with an anti-glare ring.

Folio cover held open with a pencil. 

I am sure X-Doria has done testing on the area where the leather is glued to the polycarbonate, and so I can't make any quantitative remarks about the durability. I tried tugging firmly, and the joint feels sturdy. Still, it makes me nervous and feels like an eventual failure mode—in my opinion. Plus the aesthetics aren't great.

With or without a driver's license, the case is slim all around and there was no problem dropping the iPhone 6 into my slightly over-sized belt holster.


The packaging is well designed, and the features are clearly explained. There's an aperture in the case so you can feel the texture of the "leather-like" material before buying in a store. The case, like most, has a one year warranty.

Package has aperture so customer can
feel the texture.

Final Thoughts

I think this is a fine case, perhaps a little on the expensive side for what you get, but generally well made. However, one must be both aware of the limitations of this kind of case when it comes to handling it (the folio flap is always in the way or covers the camera lens) and be of a mind that the protection of the iPhone's display when not in use outweighs any other consideration. One mode that comes to mind is use by someone who has a large purse or backpack full of stuff, and the iPhone needs protection from other items sloshing around in there.

Because this case does what's designed to do, inconveniences are part of the design. So it gets a 3/5, a solid rating. 

Product: Engage Folio

Company: X-Doria

List Price: US$29.99



Designed to protect the iPhone all around with polycarbonate and a faux-leather folio cover. Leightweight and slim. Pocket for two items, such as driver's license or credit card.


Flexible folio cover can be wriggle and be awkward. Spine covers iPhone volume and mute buttons when closed. No anti-glare ring. Leather glued to polycarbonate has poor aesthetics.