ZooGue’s BinderPad is a Perfect iPad Idea For Students

On July 27th ZooGue launched a new product called the iPad 2 BinderPad 3 Ring Binder Pouch that will make it much easier and safer for students to carry an iPad 2 to class. When I saw a picture of this this product I thought, “Oh yeah, what a great idea for any student who carries a 3-ring binder.” I asked to have a closer look, and the product in hand did not disappoint.

The iPad 2 BinderPad 3 Ring Binder Pouch is made of polyester and weighs only 3.3 oz. empty. It’s ½-in thick with the iPad inside. It is available in dark gray or black and can be purchased from the company web site. There is a one year limited warranty. The MSRP is US$29.99.

iPad 2 BinderPad 3 Ring Binder Pouch

The iPad 2 slips inside the top and there is a fold over, tuck-in flap that fastens with heavy duty Velcro to hold it securely in place. There are openings that allow for access to cameras, buttons and ports.

Using the product 

Although it has been many a year since I was in school, I did happen to have a nice big 3-ring binder handy for testing purposes. The grommets on the product are large, assuring they should fit any standard size notebook. The grommets are also heavy duty as is the flap that holds them.    

My iPad 2 lay comfortably in the notebook and it felt comfortable and secure carrying it around. How nice it must be for today’s students to carry an iPad rather than the four inch thick text books we carried when I was in school.

Standard access openings 

I will repeat that this pouch is only available in the vertical position which is sensible considering the shape and design of most 3-ring binders. To use it in landscape a student would probably have to temporarily remove it from their binder, but that does not detract from the primary benefit of this product — the ability to safely carry the iPad 2 throughout the school day.

Do I recommend it? 

I do. If you are a student, or if you have students, there is nothing not to love about this product.   


Product: iPad 2 BinderPad 3 Ring Binder Pouch

Company: Zoogue

List Price: US$29.99



Excellent case for students


None noted.