ZooGue's Genius Case For iPad mini Worth The Wait

ZooGue is known for the quality of its cases, and the Genius case for the iPad has proved to be a very popular item, primarily because a user has almost complete control over the tilt angle when using the case to read or watch video.

Genius Case for iPad Mini

The Genius case for the iPad mini has been released and it has the same reliable features as its larger counterpart for the iPad.

Each Genius case for the iPad mini is hand-made using genuine leather. The cover, which has a magnet closure, provides a sleep and wake function, and there is an edge/border around the iPad to provide corner drop protection.

View of protective edges

The case is attractive in an understated, classic way, and the stand folds flat against the case when not in use. The inside of the case is lined with ultra fine microfiber which provides an excellent protection for the iPad.


The unique velcro guards provide for multiple height placement, but the user must ensure that placement is the same on each side.

Example of angle choices

Using the product

The iPad mini slips into the case and a fold-over/tuck-in flap then holds it in place so that all the ports and buttons are where they should be. The heavy duty strips firmly hold the case in place when used to set an angle, and the quality of the case leaves no doubt that the Velcro will remain in place for the life of the case.

When the case is closed the lid closes securely and the iPad instantly goes to sleep.

With an MSRP of US$39.99, this case is very reasonably priced.

Do I Recommend it?

I do. The classic styling makes it perfect for business, the sturdiness makes it perfect for school, and the quality and price makes it perfect for anyone else who likes the look and design. I also have to commend the lining which is soft and pliant and completely protects the iPad.

The Genius or the Prodigy?

In February I reviewed the ZooGue Prodigy iPad mini case. There are several similarities between the Genius case and the Prodigy case, and a careful shopper will want to take a look at both for a comparison. Both are well crafted and attractive. There are two primary differences that may be of importance when making a final decision. One is the price. The Genius has an MSRP of US$39.99 while the MSRP for the Prodigy is US$49.99. The other is the tilt angle options. The Genius case offers unlimited tilt angle options, literally. The user can select a tilt angle at any spectrim along the length of the velcro, but the adjustment must be made equal on each side. The tilt angle on the Prodigy will be exact but limited to five choices.

Product: Genius Case for iPad mini

Company: ZooGue

List Price: US$39.99



Well designed and well made case for iPad mini offers multiple angle options and sleep/wake option at reasonable price.


None noted.