ZooGue's Prodigy iPad & iPad mini Cases Are Well Crafted

ZooGue has released a new case in its line of quality cases, the Prodigy. There is a version for the iPad (all generations) and one for the iPad mini

ZooGue's Prodigy iPad and iPad mini case

The Prodigy case took a year to design and make and is the only case on the market with a magnetic kick stand that stays exactly where you put it. The iPad case has six placement options and the iPad mini has five. The iPad version of the case weighs one pound, one ounce. The iPad mini version weighs 11 ounces.

iPad placement options
iPad mini placement options

The case has a Vegan Leather exterior and a Microfiber interior. Vegan leather is an artificial alternative to traditional leather. There is a sleep/wake function, secure magnetic closure and cover and access to all cameras, ports and buttons.

Prodigy case open

The iPad slips into the case and is held in place with a tuck flap.

Using the product

I have a lot to say about these cases. I tested the iPad version with an iPad 3 as well as the iPad mini version. Both cases held their products securely and stayed where they were put when open with the kickstand applied. I have been unhappy with the number of iPad mini cases that I have seen, used, or touched that don’t seem to offer that basic benefit. I saw a number of cases with this problem at Macworld. It doesn’t count as a multi functioning case if you have to hold it with one hand to keep it from falling over. With the Prodigy, you slip the kickstand into one of the magnetic angle lock positions, and it stays put.

Prodigy case in use

Another thing I like is the sleep/wake function. It has seemed to me that recently a lot of the cases have moved away from the sleep/wake function, but when I close my iPad I want it to go to sleep immediately so that it's not using battery power and so that no one else can use it without knowing my passcode.

The front facing camera works just fine while the iPad is wearing the case, meaning Skype and iChat video conversations will not be effected, but to use the rear facing camera, the cover must remain open or the iPad must be removed to get a clean shot.


Over time I have learned that how a company presents its product is often indicative of not only the pride it feels in the product, but also reflective of the quality contained therein. After all, packaging is expensive, and if a company is confident in the product that confidence can be demonstrated in packaging. ZooGue presents its products nicely, including providing a hole that allows the purchaser to feel the finish.

Prodigy packaging

Do I recommend it?

I do. Both of these sizes are well though out and well designed and at an MSRP of US$59.99 and US$49.99 respectively, the prices are quite reasonable. In addition, ZooGue offers a 30 Day Risk-Free Trial.

Product: Prodigy iPad Case

Company: ZooGue

List Price: US$59.99 (iPad) $49.99 (iPad mini)



Well crafted cases for all generations of the iPad and the iPad mini. Has magnetic closures and magnetic kickstand holders that stay put.


None noted.