RSS - Really Simple Syndication

The Mac Observer is proud to offer our content for syndication via RSS. You can use these feeds to display our content in various news readers, or any other service that understand the RSS format.

The Mac Observer Site Feeds

Individual Feeds

Each Feature, Column, and Section has its own RSS. Here is a Sampling:


Forum Feeds

Each Forum has its own RSS. Here is a Sampling:

Author Feeds

And Finally, you can get a feed of your favorite authors including:


You can find The Mac Observer on Twitter @MacObserver. Most of our tweets are what we consider the important headlines of the day. We certainly appreciate all the ReTweets, and are monitoring our @mentions if you have some chit-chat. Please note that email is still the most reliable way to get in contact with us.

For live events, we'll be tweeting from MacObserverLive. Updates will include tweets from Keynotes, and things heard in passing at conferences such as Macworld. Since updates are sporadic and possibly heavy on the days we use this account, we wanted to separate it out from our main account... please enjoy!

TMO Staff on Twitter:

Our intrepid staff also dig twitter. Here for your following pleasure: