Top 5 Features Of iPadOS You Need To Know

The iPad won’t get iOS 13. Instead, Apple’s introduced a new operating system called iPadOS and an early version of iPadOS 13 is currently in beta ahead of a release later this year. According to Apple, iPadOS is built on the same foundation as iOS, but with powerful new capabilities included specifically for the larger display of the iPad like for iGamers. iPadOS brings a variety of critical improvements to the tablet UI. Some of these make better use of screen real estate while others introduce new gesture controls for a better tablet experience. In fact, with iPadOS, Apple has given another compelling reason to trade in your laptop for an iPad. Here are five of the top features of iPadOS for the iPad.

New Home Screen

iPadOS brings a redesigned home screen with a new layout that allows room for more apps on the screen. There’s also a new panel to the left side where all of your widgets will sit and this takes up a lot less space than it did before. Additionally, the app icons are now placed a lot closer to each other, giving the home screen a lot neater look.

New Ways To Multitask

One of the biggest updates in iPadOS concerns multitasking and considering this is currently one of the weakest aspects of the iPad, even on iOS 12, it’s wholly appreciated. iPad users can now quickly switch between multiple apps like Messages or Calendar in Slide Over. You can also work with multiple files and documents from the same app with Split View. For example, you can compose and email while viewing another email in split-screen view.

Apple Pencil Is More Useful

The Apple Pencil is an important tool for any pro iPad user, which is why instead of releasing a new Apple Pencil, Apple has updated the software to hopefully make the current experience even better. Firstly, the latency has been greatly reduced from 20ms to 9ms. Users can now easily grab a screenshot of a web page or document by using the Pencil to swipe from the corner of the screen.

Files App Now Supports External Drives

Unfortunately, the Files app isn’t as full-featured or deep-diving as what you get on Android, but it does manage to combine all of the cloud services you use into a more traditional Finder-like app. The company is now making some much-needed changes in iPadOS by allowing the Files app to support external USB drives, SD cards or logging into an SMB file server. This also means you’re finally able to attach a camera to the iPad Pro and import snaps directly into your editing app of choice, without having to go via Photos first.

iPadOS Also Brings Dark Mode

In addition to the new iPadOS-exclusive features, the new software also gets key features of iOS 13 as well. This means system-wide Dark Mode will be coming to the iPad as well, and this has been a constantly requested feature and we’re glad to finally have it available, to the benefit of both our eyes and our iPad’s battery life.