Top New Casino Apps of 2020

Although there is plenty of choice concerning casino apps, those looking for the best experience will want to ensure that they are only using the top new casino apps of 2020. There can be several factors that need to be considered when choosing a casino app, as well as the person’s preferences.

Fortunately, the dominance of the smartphone market has meant that several casino apps can be enjoyed, each with their perks. An overview of these apps is as follows.

Black Diamonds Casino

If you are searching for a platform that offers a seamless slots experience along with extensive bonus offer, then Black Diamonds Casino is for you. There are also several withdrawal options, including Money Transfer and Bank Transfer. The minimum withdrawal is $100.00, with fees varying between $10 and $30 depending on the amount being cashed out.

Gambino Slots

Although a seasoned player is fine with many casino apps, some will be searching for something ideal for beginners. Despite the lack of table games, the Gambino Slots is still a viable platform for those learning the ropes.

Another popular aspect of Gambino Slots is the fact that the games are updated regularly, and the social integration while allows people to play Gambino Slots on different platforms, such as iOS, Messenger and Facebook.

Redstag Casino

VIP status has become an essential asset in many casino apps, and those searching for the best VIP experience available will love what Redstag Casino has to offer. The VIP service, along with impressive bonuses makes this a prime choice for seasoned casino players.

There are several withdrawal and deposit options available, although payments can only be issued in USD.

Vegas Casino Online

Despite the excellent reputation of many casino apps, some can be nefarious in nature. The concern surrounding security means that online casino players are looking for reliable apps that have a history in the casino sector.

Vegas Casino has been in operation since 1999, so customer can be confident of its authenticity. There is also a reward scheme as well as several bonuses that users can take advantage of.

Box 24 Casino

Other factors that are important when searching for casino apps is the option of gamification, as well as a wide choice of different games. Box 24 Casino offers a wide range of games including classic and modern slots, as well as table games and video poker.

There can be times when a customer must present documents for identity reasons, but this has been a seamless and faultless experience for many customers. There are also lots of free spins to enjoy, and reliable and professional customer service should there be any queries.