Undeniable Reasons Customer Service Is Important to Your Business

Today, it is an open secret that businesses are preferred over their customer service and how proactively they are here to offer help. Bringing the best product in town, most amazing service or something exclusive at cheap price but today’s customer wants more than that, quality product, refund, return are not enough – they need a fully functional customer service team. Let’s take an example of this global pandemic, when the majority of us are working from home, all the meetings and educational system are solely relying on internet connections.

Just imagine any of us facing instability issue during our working hours, we would contact the CS team of our respective internet service provider. And in case, they do not respond in time, let us wait in long queues, don’t rely on social media, live chat, email, they have lost a client – at least none of us is going to recommend this connection to any of our friend. If God forbid, it happens frequently, the service is excellent but the CS team is not around to help or guide during peak hours. The customer is sure going to reconsider his decision of signing up with the ISP, no matter how pocket-friendly the deal is.

When it comes to Internet Service Providers, spectrum internet is phenomenal as they are not only delivering quality services at economical prices to their customers but their CS team is thoroughly trained and readily available to help. In this article, we are going to shed some light on some Undeniable Reasons why and how Customer Service Is Important for any Business. So, without further ado, let’s get started:

1. To Retain Existing Customer Is A Lot Inexpensive Than Obtaining New Ones:

Just 5% growth in customer retention equals 25% profit increase and that is for the simple reason: old customers tend to give more business to your brand – 67% more to be accurate – your business will be less expensive to operate if you invest in your customer service.

As stated by the researchers, Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC) – what it costs to get a new customer(s) – is too much for a business that doesn’t devote a small proportion of its financial plan in customer support. Eventually, spending on customer support would reduce your turnover rate, which eventually decreases the amount you get to spend on obtaining new clients and lessens the overall Customer Acquisition Cost.

2. Customer Service Creates Brand Awareness; Brand Image, Core Values, And Vision:

What brand image you have in your head about your brand cannot be read by customers until you tell them through your official social media, your content, and marketing strategies. Your customer support team can play an important role in signifying your brand to your customers which will create reliability. Spectrum customer service and some other top internet service providers have been seen educating about their brand and maintain the image of the brand they work for through advocating it over and over again.

3. Happy Working Employees Will Build Happy Customers:

It is so crucial to creating a team that is dedicated and passionate. It can happen only when employers are content with the work environment. No one would like to work where they are not appreciated. Around 87% of the employees would work even harder if they are happy. Thus, it is vital to have a happy customer service team as eventually, it will bring more and more clients to your brand.

4. Happy And Satisfied Customers Will Bring More Clients:

Happy employees will make happy customers and happy customers will bring more customers to your brand. As everyone talks about and recommends the brand, they trust the most to their friends and family.

So, it’s kind of interlinked with each other. If your customer support team is happy and passionate about their work, they will put more effort into making customers happy. And, if customers are happy they will spread good words about your brand. Mind it, your happy customers are the most effective and the best source of advertisement. It will happen only if you give them the reasons to be like that. So now you know why investing in customer service teams is so vital.

5. Customer’s Loyalty Depends On Treatment They Get From Customer Service Team:

Customers are everything for every business. If they are happy, they will remain your customer always. They wouldn’t have to go somewhere else because the trust and relationship developed with you, as we said before, in order to retain an already existing customer is way too cheaper than attracting new ones. So, in the end, if your customer will keep buying from you it will increase your revenue.

Final Thoughts:

Marketing and advertisement are all good, as long as you keep getting the customers through them. But, when it comes to customer retention, your customer service team can reduce overall marketing budget by becoming your brand’s advocates and eventually generating customers that will recommend your brand in their circles.