Useful Cannabis Apps

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Ever-increasingly governments around the world are looking to legalize or decriminalize marijuana usage, either for medical reasons or recreation or both. This has led to a boom in the industry that has not gone unnoticed by tech-heads around the world. The boom has resulted in apps been created for a variety of reasons but not all of them are good or even useful. The rest of this article will be dedicated to listing the most useful apps Mac and iOS users can download without spending ages through trial and error finding the right one.


In 2018 the industry was valued at 10.6 Billion USD, by 2026 the industry is expected to grow and top 97 billion USD. With such staggering numbers and potential, it is little wonder app creators are scrambling to get the app to market, irrelevant of how useful they are. One app that is a gold standard and set a blueprint up for others to follow is Leafly. The app is like Yelp for all things cannabis-related.

The app allows users to rate various marijuana strains, dispensaries, edibles, and other cannabis-based products. This in turn helps other users of the app make informed decisions on how better to spend their money. What’s more is that because there are millions of users that include patients, recreational users, and growers, finding information related to your specific needs is easy. The app also has a dedicated news section to keep up to date with all things cannabis. Leafly is free on the iOS store.


If you need to stay informed regarding the industry then you best get MassRoots. Now boasting over a million active users the platform curates news items to your area and preferences, so staying ahead of yearly trends is now made easy. The real value of MassRoots is the ability to connect with like-minded individuals, called “Buds” on the platform, so that knowledge can be shared either for medicinal or recreational reasons. The app is available on the app store for the low, low price of free.


If you are struggling to find like-minded individuals for friends or for more romantically inclined adventures HighThere might be just what you need. Regarded as the Tinder of the cannabis community, HighThere not only matches based on location but also similar likes. So, if you prefer edibles to smoking, and prefer Sativa or Indica strains, HighThere takes this into account when matching users. Currently, it is more popular in the United States, but the apps user base is growing worldwide. The app is free on the app store.


You have just spent a substantial amount of money on marijuana seeds, fertilizer, lamps, and numerous other materials to grow your crop. You’ve done your research but are still not confident in your ability. simLeaf may be just the app to give your marijuana seeds the best chance of flourishing. The app is a comprehensive grow simulator helping you put to practice all the research you’ve done before planting anything. You can choose a strain, lamp power, and pH levels to better simulate real-world conditions and hopefully give you the confidence you need to grow your plants. The app is available on the app store for 1.99 USD, a fraction of what you spent to grow in the first place.


It is hoped that this brief list will save you time and effort searching the app store for apps that suit your specific marijuana needs. Why waste time sorting through apps when you can be learning, creating networks, or making friends with interests in cannabis.