Video shooting: How to create great video content with your iPhone 

iPhone in TripodIf there’s anything we’ve learned from Selena Gomez’ Lose You to Love Me video, other than the importance of self-love, is that an iPhone can be a great tool for shooting excellent professional looking videos. Of course, it can’t be ignored that the singer had a little extra help from some advanced cinema gear, but the iPhone 11 Pro that was used to capture the video undoubtedly had a great deal of merit in how the final product turned out. And it turned out absolutely amazing. If you don’t believe us, check the video and the behind the scenes piece to see it all in action.

As a Vlogger, YouTuber, influencer, content creator or digital marketer your life revolves around creating high-quality videos to share with the audience. If you’re a newbie in the field, you might think you need state-of-the-art cinema gear to achieve remarkable results. But unless your goal is to win an Oscar for the best short film, an iPhone and some basic video production equipment will do the trick. Wondering how you could make it happen with such limited resources? Stay tuned because we’re going to walk you through the necessary steps to get you started.

Create a script

Before we get into more technical aspects, you must come up with a plan and prepare the content for the video you want to shoot. You don’t need to describe every scene in the video or write down every line you’re going to say, but you must create an outline of the narrative flow, so you can have a direction and stick to it. Working with a rough script will help you organize your ideas better and keep you on track, so you don’t waste as much time shooting and reshooting scenes over and over again.

Choose a quiet location

You must choose the space where you’ll record the video wisely. Needless to say, if you want to shoot your video outdoors or in a public place, you’re going to have a hard time getting the job done with so many distractions and interferences around you. A noisy location or constant movement in the background won’t do you any favors. So try to pick a quiet spot where you can film without being interrupted every other minute.

Check your iPhone’s storage space

The last thing you want to happen is to start filming and then receive a kind notification from your phone letting you know there’s not enough storage space for your video. You’ll lose all your work and you’ll have to start from scratch again. To avoid this awful scenario, check your iPhone’s storage. Do some spring cleaning and delete any unnecessary files to gain extra space on your phone. Or you can go to Settings, select General, then Storage & iCloud Usage and in the Manage Storage option you can buy more space. Then, when it’s all nice and tidied, you can hit the recording button.

Use a tripod

Next, you’ll want to keep your iPhone in a steady position when filming and the only way to make sure it stays put is to use a tripod. Using your hands to hold the phone will result in shaky images and that will make your video look anything but professional. A small portable tripod is ideal and there are plenty of affordable options on the market. Set the phone at the right height before starting, which means you should place it slightly below eye level.

Adjust the light

You should steer clear from overhead light as it can throw some awkward shades on your face and make you look a bit scary. You don’t need to buy fancy ring lights, but make sure you have various light sources hitting you from different angles to even up shadows and make it seem like you’re surrounded by natural light. You can use any lighting fixtures you have at your disposal to do this.

Use a microphone

Background noise can be really distracting, so if you want the audience to focus on what you’re saying without being bothered by annoying sounds, use a microphone. While a big microphone setup will provide a much clearer audio, if you’re not ready to make the investment, there are other options. For beginners, the best idea to improve the quality of the audio is to buy a smaller microphone that plugs directly into your iPhone.

Set up your iPhone

When you set up your iPhone for filming, you should mount it horizontally on your tripod, so when someone views it on a mobile device it can adjust to the orientation of that device. Check that everything is level and there are no crooked lines in the background. If you don’t want your iPhone to re-focus constantly, making the video blurry at times, you should lock the auto exposure. And please don’t forget to clean your lens.

Edit your video

Once you’re done recording the video, the editing work begins. Trim and tweak with the help of a video editing software on your computer such as iMovie that allows you to add sound, play with effects and adjust the video to your liking. You can also download or create your own music by using a royalty free music service such as Melody Loops to set the right mood for your videos and also avoid copyright issues. At the end of the editing process your video will look like it was made by a pro.

Share it with the world

You’ve done a great job, so now it’s time to share it with the world and let others enjoy the results of your creative process. You can publish it fast and easy on all the media channels you consider relevant and reach your target audience with just a few taps. You can upload your videos on YouTube or Facebook directly from your iPhone and just like that they’re out in the wonderful online world.

As you can see, creating top quality videos doesn’t require all the shooting gear under the sun, nor the experience of a movie director. All you have to do is learn how to make the most of what you already have and start filming. Before you even know it, creating Selena-style videos with your iPhone will feel like a walk in the park.