Virginia reckless driving

Let’s face it; we all like a little speed when riding our cars. You get in yours, and you suddenly feel the desire to just step on it. Maybe it’s the clear road or the fact that you’re late, but most of the time we do it just for the adrenaline rush. There’s just something about being out there with your car, with nothing in front of you but open road and the wind. Still, it’s not always that simple. Sometimes driving that recklessly can have catastrophic consequences. Despite the need for speed, at the end of the day, it’s not really worth it. Driving recklessly in a state like Virginia is serious business and could cost you so much.

What is reckless driving in Virginia?

Virginia happens to be one of the stricter provinces in the United States when it comes to reckless driving. They take these charges seriously and you can suffer a lot on account of driving recklessly. Going over 80 mph can be considered reckless driving in the state of Virginia. Moreover, if you go over any given speed limit by 10 to 20 mph, it could also be considered reckless driving and have you accountable in front of the law. Most of the state’s highways now have a speed limit of 70 mph, and going at 80 in one of those would mean that you would probably be charged.

Why is it bad to drive recklessly in Virginia?

As mentioned, Virginia does take this offense seriously, and it’s often treated as a class 1 misdemeanor. That means you would be making a big mistake if you think of this as an ordinary traffic ticket, because you’ll most probably be needing reckless driving lawyer in Virginia to get out of this one. The problem is, in the case of conviction, your losses are liable to be huge. You can spend some time in jail, be fined handsome amounts of money, or even lose your license! That is why it would be wise to take a reckless driving charge seriously and get yourself a lawyer to deal with these charges. You’ll most probably be able to get away with a small fine and some community service, but it’s never a safe bet in cases like these. So, the sooner you start your defense, the better.

Prevention is better than cure

This is a classic case of the proverb prevention is better than cure. In a state that deals seriously and imposes strict punishment on those guilty of reckless driving, it’s best to avoid the problem in the first place and stick to the speed limit! If you’re driving in an area that says 70 mph is the maximum speed limit, don’t go over 70. There’s absolutely no need to go 80 in the hopes it would pass unnoticed. At the end of the day, it’s your money or license –– or time –– you’re compromising. And all for what? Getting there a few minutes early or having an adrenaline rush. There are smarter ways to do either without putting yourself, and others too, in danger.