VPN for Mac: Do You Really Need It?

How do you keep your Mac secure? What actions do you take to avoid your personal and sensitive information being compromised? If the answer is «Nothing» or «Nothing, except a strong password», then you have serious problems.

Okay, let’s imagine you have a strong password to protect a laptop. But what do you have to protect that password? It is a well-known fact that there is no password that can’t be hacked. Sooner or later any password, no matter how strong or unique it is, can be stolen by a professional. So, if you’re not an IT expert, who knows how to generate a super unique and meaningful password, then you’re in trouble. Don’t rely on your Mac and its own security system only. That’s not enough the moment you go online. You need an extra tool – a VPN. Why? Go to Bestvpnrating.com to see the latest Mac vulnerabilities and you will see it by yourself.


Now, let us explain something special about a VPN that can’t be found even in the inbuilt security system of Apple devices.

The Benefits of a VPN

Mac systems are well-known for their inbuilt security programs, which don’t require from you to mess with the additional software against malware and specific antivirus attacks. This ensures many Apple owners that having a strong password is all they should do about data security on their devices. Actually, it is not that simple.

Today we’re not talking about average viruses and malware, which any Mac can easily cope with. What we’re talking about is keeping your devices safe online. The biggest pitfall of the Internet is probably a free network. The moment you connect to a public network, your device and any kind of data on it become vulnerable. Those people, who share the same network as you get access to your device and traffic automatically (if you don’t have a VPN). Any antivirus system is weak here. This is how public networks operate and you can do nothing to change them, except protecting your data.

We’re not going to focus our attention on which VPN to install. You can get more info on this topic following the link. Instead, let us highlight the benefits you get the moment you download a VPN. So you will see the big picture of this complicated security program.

  • Personal, financial, and business data protection.
  • The ability to browse anonymously by changing and replacing your real geographical location and IP address.
  • A better Internet experience by allowing to visit previously restricted and blocked websites in your region.

Keeping your system hidden on a public Wi-Fi network is essential in 2018. Every day we connect to numerous public networks in coffee shops, department stores, parks, airports, etc. This means that at least once a day you put your devices and data at risk. The fact that your Mac has an antivirus inbuilt doesn’t make it immune. So, don’t hesitate and check Bestvpnrating.com to pick a VPN service for your Apple devices as well.