Want to Switch From YouTube? Here are the Best Escapes for You

We all know about YouTube mania and how YouTubing has become a favourite activity of all of us. Listening to your favourite songs, catching on your anticipated dramas, watching your cherished content and even just scrolling your news feed to find something amazing on YouTube has become leisure time essential of people of this Millennium. And why not? It is really the best way to kill time, get entertained and have media dosage in one go. Simply put, YouTube has unapologetically sneaked into our lives and changed the way we consume media.

But while becoming a YouTube maniac, people forget that free videos on YouTube come at the cost of their privacy and personal information. You can’t imagine what kind of data Google, the parent company of YouTube, collects to provide its services. And above that, YouTube revises its guidelines before even giving you any notice.

That’s why people are looking out other platforms to satisfy their video content consumption requirements. If you are also one of those people who want to switch to some other platform, then here are some options:


The possibility is that you are already familiar with the name of the Dailymotion as it is one of the biggest competitors of YouTube and around 112 million viewers visit this platform in a month.

It provides a similar experience like YouTube due to similarity in layout, searching options, content categories and remarkable layout. That’s why it is ranked at 124 on Moz’s list of top 500 websites.

In case, if this doesn’t excite you enough to switch to YouTube then what if we say that it offers better quality videos than YouTube? Yes, you heard it right! Where YouTube compresses the file, Dailymotion offers videos up to 1080 p resolution. The only downside is that the run time of its videos is only 20 mins.

Petey Vid:

For those who are really concerned about their privacy and data storage, Petey Vid might be the best option. Petey Vid proudly claims to provide you with video watching services without invading your privacy as it is a privacy focused platform. It has clearly mentioned privacy and usage policy which doesn’t update without any prior indicator. They don’t gather, store or sell your usage history and information to other companies. In short, they respect your privacy!

Other than that, they also offer multilingual and easy searching option for a great user experience irrespective of your language and region.


Do you know that Vimeo was created by filmmakers, so you know what to expect from this video watching platform? A creative environment where you can watch inspiring content like short videos and other creative content. That’s why it is a go-to place for photographers, videographers, musicians and people related to other fields of the creative industry.

Like Youtube, you can subscribe and follow your favourite channel to get your desired content in your news feed. Moreover, you can also leave comments under the videos.

So, now you know where you should go after switching from YouTube. Come on, there are plenty of options, and they all are best in their own way – so, choose your warrior without thinking much!