TMO CES 2017 Coverage Sponsor: iMazing

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Our thanks to DigiDNA, makers of iMazing, for being a sponsor of TMO’s CES 2017 coverage this year. Bringing the team to Las Vegas to dig in and cull through all the noise to bring you targeted coverage is no small task. It takes a lot of planning, effort and, yes, money. DigiDNA sees the value in this and joined as a sponsor this year to help make sure we had the team in place to bring you the very best CES coverage for you, our Apple-focused audience.


iMazingiMazing is one of those tools that should just come with every iPhone or iPad to be installed on your Mac or Windows machine. It takes over where iTunes leaves you hanging and truly lets you manage your iOS device with the simplicity and granularity that you need.

iMazing simplifies transfers of files and media between your computer and your mobile device. Copy a picture or a song to your desktop with a quick drag and drop gesture, for example. Yep, you read that right, you can copy a song from your iPhone to your Mac. Not only does iMazing make that easy, it makes it possible; something iTunes just doesn’t do.

iMazing 2 features a unique backup archival which lets you travel back in time in your device’s past, a bit like Time Machine, but for iOS devices. Once you’ve used this, you’ll never think about your iOS backups the same way again. Back up to iCloud, too, but having these backups available this way on your Mac is blissful.

And it’s not just useful over USB, iMazing 2 can connect to your devices via WiFi. Push a song to your phone without even taking it out of your pocket!

The nice part about the fact that iMazing is developed by an indie software house is that iMazing evolves constantly. Since September, new features have included Touch Bar support, extra shortcuts, a Device Console for developers, and easy access to log files. It has also been updated in time to support new backup encryption formats of both iOS 10.1 and 10.2, resulting in zero down-time for its users.

Restore Individual App Data … Even Across Devices

One of my personal favorite features of iMazing is its ability to transfer individual app data across devices, and in many cases even across different Apple IDs thanks to its app data backup / restore feature. The ability to get this granular with your app data means you can wipe your iPhone clean, not restore from a full backup, but still bring in the data from the one or two apps that you want. Again, this is just something that’s impossible with iTunes, and yet so helpful. Sometimes you want to start from scratch but not lose that one app’s settings or that one game’s progress.

iMazing 2 lets you peek behind the curtains and see files you normally do not have access to, thanks to it’s powerful backup browser and extractor which fully supports encrypted backups.

Free Trial… and 30% off!

Head on over to and download your free trial of iMazing 2 today for Mac or Windows. Once you see how easy it is to use – and see all that it can do for you – there’s no way you’ll go back to just using iTunes. I sure can’t! Be sure to test it quick and then buy your license this week: all licenses are 30% off during CES 2017!

Thanks so much to DigiDNA not only for making iMazing, but for being a sponsor of our CES 2017 coverage. Very much appreciated on both counts!

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