TMO CES 2017 Coverage Sponsor: Setapp

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Our sincere thanks to MacPaw, makers of Setapp, for being one of our CES 2017 Coverage Sponsors this year. MacPaw is immensely committed to the Apple community, and their commitment to sponsor our coverage is yet another sign of that. It takes a lot of work–and money–to get the team assembled here and back in the office to ensure plenty of qualtity, curated Apple-focused CES content, and having MacPaw on board to help us make sure that happens for you is truly special.

Indeed, MacPaw’s Setapp shows a similar commitment to user-friendliness. Setapp is the Netflix of Mac software. With one monthly fee you get access to all the software available inside Setapp, no ads, no paid upgrades. Setapp has already lined up an impressive list of well-known Mac software for the service including Ulysses, RapidWeaver 7, Reveal, and Eltima Player and more.

Setapp monthly software subscription service for the Mac

Setapp lets you subscribe to more than 50 Mac apps for a monthly fee

Two of my personal favorite and most-regularly-used apps, iStat Menus and Screens, are included in Setapp, as well. This means you get access to these apps–and all their updates–as part of your Setapp subscription. You don’t have to worry about signing up and purchasing apps individually, and you don’t have to worry about apps expiring.

Macpaw has put a lot of effort into making Setapp easy to use, and it shows. Upon initial installation, you get what looks like a folder of available apps. It’s only once you click on a specific app, though, that it’s actually downloaded to your computer and activated. You’re not forced to download or use anything you don’t want to, and your monthly subscription only lasts as long as you wish.

The Setapp subscription service is currently in beta through the end of the month, and you can go now and sign up for free. After this month, you can either cancel or continue paying just $9.99 per month and the service will continue.

Setapp keeps bringing on board more and more high-quality Mac apps, and I think you’re going to love what they’re doing. Visit today to sign up and give the service a trial run and find your favorites!

If you are interested in sponsoring TMO, please email us and we’ll get you more details.