TMO CES 2019 Coverage Sponsor: TextExpander from Smile

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Our sincere thanks to TextExpander from Smile for helping support us as a sponsor for TMO’s CES 2019 coverage. The effort, planning, and expense it takes to comb through all the noise at CES and bring you targeted, relevant coverage is quite large, and without our sponsors we wouldn’t be able to do it all for you. The good folks at Smile see the value in this and were very quick to jump on board to ensure that you would get the very best of what we have to offer this year. We’re very thankful for that, and we hope you are, too.

TextExpander Logo from SmileWe’re also thankful for the very existence of TextExpander. I’m not sure how we’d each do our jobs here without it. Through the use of its easy-to-invoke text snippets, TextExpander multiplies your team’s productivity and accuracy making up-to-date, shared knowledge available instantly.

Think about things like URLs, addresses, and customer service responses. These are things where fat-fingering a typo into the mix changes everything. I can’t be expected to remember and accurately type our CES 2019 coverage URL. I’ve got too much going on! Thankfully, TextExpander handles that for me. I type ces19 and, boom, it expands that out to

You don’t just have to use TextExpander for short bits of data, though, you can use it for things like multi-paragraph customer service or inquiry responses. Every day you or someone from your team is put the position of replying to an email asking a question you’ve answered before. TextExpander allows you to have canned responses that aren’t canned. It can pull info from your email or from the clipboard to help personalize the response, and TextExpander can even prompt you with form fields to enter to truly ensure you don’t miss any of that formatting. That way you eliminate the risk of saying, “Hi Jane! Thanks for your interest in {product name here},” ever again!

And TextExpander allows your team to sync and share all of these common responses and snippets, ensuring that everyone is using the text that’s created by your best writers, regardless of whether they’re around to be the one answering the question.

Using TextExpander with your team will change your life, make you more productive, and leave more time for what you do best. Visit to learn more, and please be sure to tell them how much you appreciate their sponsorship of our CES 2019 coverage this year!

If you are interested in sponsoring TMO, please email us and we’ll get you more details.

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