TMO CES 2017 Coverage Sponsor: Merlin Project

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Our sincere thanks to ProjectWizards, makers of Merlin Project, for joining us as a sponsor for TMO’s CES 2017 coverage. It takes a lot to get the TMO team to Las Vegas and effectively cull through the noise and cover a show like CES for you, and we sincerely appreciate ProjectWizards and Merlin Project for joining us this year. I’d also like to point out that ProjectWizards was always the very first sponsor on board for our legendary Cirque du Mac parties, too. The folks there really understand the importance of our Apple community and are always right there to support everything we all do.

Merlin Project

Merlin ProjectMerlin Project is stellar project management and planning software for the Mac, and is used by many tens of thousands of happy customers across all industries. ProjectWizards has a singular focus: making sure their customers have the best project management tool they can have. Merlin Project customers enjoy that the software is professional, easy to learn, and offers virtually limitless expansion possibilities. As the folks at ProjectWizards always say: Merlin Project for macOS is the answer to all your questions when it comes to planning, managing, and controlling your projects – with just a few clicks.

One of the highlights of Merlin Project is how well it integrates with other tools on macOS. You can use their own Merlin Server, a secure self-hosted cloud to store all your projects, or Merlin Project now lets you sync via local networks as well as cloud services like iCloud Drive,, Dropbox, and more. This allows you to find practical alternatives to working in a collaborative space, even if Merlin Server is not included as part of your solution.

Have you used Microsoft Project before? Do you work with people that do? Good news, Merlin Project can exchange data with MS Project in both directions, allowing you to work with folks who don’t have the advantage of running macOS for their daily work.

Merlin Project lets you view your projects in a variety of ways, offering highly configurable views like Gantt, Netplan, Utilization, and Report. Merlin Project even comes with a graphical WBS (work breakdown structure) and a mind map, allowing you to put your data together any way that works for you, and then view it in whatever form you need.

Merlin Project Go

Just because Merlin Project runs on the Mac doesn’t mean you’re limited to that, though. With Merlin Project Go for iOS, you can view and edit your projects with your iPhone or iPad no matter where you are.

ProjectWizards’ support reflects their commitment to keeping users happy, with trained support staff ready to help you make sure you not only get the results you need but also understand how to use all the nuances of Merlin Project.

Free Trial

Visit and download your free trial to get started today. Let them know we sent you, too. As I mentioned, they love the Apple community and will be quite happy to hear from you! Again, my sincere thanks to ProjectWizards for helping to support us in covering CES 2017 for all of you!

If you are interested in sponsoring TMO, please email us and we’ll get you more details.