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Our thanks Other World Computing for helping support us as a sponsor for TMO’s CES 2018 coverage. The effort, planning, and expense it takes to comb through all the noise at CES and bring you targeted, relevant coverage is quite large, and without our sponsors we wouldn’t be able to do it all for you. OWC sees the value in this and was very quick to jump on board to ensure that you would get the very best of what we have to offer this year. We’re very thankful for that, and we hope you are, too.

As usual, at CES this year OWC was showing off a wide variety of their latest and greatest products, all of which are super high-quality and engineered with care. They were highlighting both their USB-C Travel Dock as well as their Thunderbolt 3 Dock. Each of these Docks lets you connect all kinds of peripherals to your Mac, and OWC has made sure that video passes properly from your Mac through to your displays. This isn’t easy to engineer, and isn’t always the case with every Dock manufacturer, which is why we love to get ours from OWC.

Perhaps my favorite product from OWC that I learned about this CES, though, is their ThunderBay series and the SoftRAID Engine that powers them.

OWC ThunderBay 4

OWC’s new ThunderBay 4

I’ve always been of the mindset that hardware RAID must be better than software RAID, and this week I learned how wrong I was. We’ll be digging into this much deeper in an upcoming Mac Geek Gab episode, but the gist is that hardware RAID is, by necessity, disconnected from your computer. Your Mac can’t possibly know what the RAID is up to… and similarly the RAID can’t know what your Mac is doing. This means if you have a RAID failure or simple disconnect with hardware RAID, it doesn’t know if your Mac was about to write data to the disk. When that happens, hardware RAID therefore needs to rebuild assuming the worst… and that takes a long time.

With software RAID, and very specifically OWC’s SoftRAID Engine, it knows exactly what your Mac is up to because SoftRAID runs on your Mac inside macOS. Rebuilds can often happen very quickly, and you can have a lot more flexibility in your options, too. Additionally, SoftRAID takes advantage of the very specific RAID-focused instruction sets in your CPU, making software RAID faster than its hardware alternative, all without slowing down your Mac.

And… you don’t need anything special on a Mac to access a SoftRAID volume. Once you create it, you can take your SoftRAID volume and mount it on any Mac – handy in an emergency – because macOS has everything it needs to ensure you can access your data.

It’s this kind of care and attention that makes OWC unique, and we hope you’ll check them out the next time you need to expand or enhance your Mac.

Our sincere thanks to OWC for supporting and sponsoring us this week at CES!

If you are interested in sponsoring TMO, please email us and we’ll get you more details.

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