We’re happy to thank 5K Player for sponsoring TMO this week with DearMob iPhone Manager.

We all know that backing up your iPhone is not an option, it’s mandatory. We also know that having just one backup of your data isn’t enough. You need multiple backups each on different destinations. iCloud is great, but you need something more, preferably something local, too. Thankfully there are many apps to do this, but not all of them treat your data the same way.

DearMob for Mac showing its Dashboard screen while connected to an iPhone

DearMob’s Dashboard is easy to understand, and lets you quickly get to the features you need.

Sure, your data is encrypted at rest on your iPhone, but what about when the resulting backed-up data is stored on your computer? This is where DearMob iPhone Manager really shines. It uses US Military standard encryption when both when transferring *and* storing backed-up photos, videos, and contacts to your computer. You can then decrypt and view these encrypted files on your Mac with DearMob iPhone Manager. iTunes certainly isn’t flexible enough to do that, regardless of whether your backups are encrypted.

DearMob also makes it super-easy to extract files from within your iOS applications. Did you have a PDF inside of an app that you just want to extract? DearMob makes short work of it in all of our tests here. DearMob also has an SMS/iMessage archive browser, letting you go through your messages with the ease of your Mac’s interface.

DearMob's file manager as shown on a Mac

Browse your iPhone’s files with ease using DearMob

DearMob is fast, too. Transferring Photos and videos happens amazingly quickly. The folks developing this really have worked to optimize speed here, and it shows. Speaking of Photos, DearMob allows you both view and convert HEIC photos, the new format that came with iOS 11 and High Sierra.

Check out DearMob iPhone Manager from 5K Player today. I think you’ll be happy you did, and I know they’ll appreciate you taking a look. We certainly will. Plus, they’re offering a free giveaway just for all of our readers here. Again, our sincere thanks to 5K Player and DearMob for sponsoring TMO this week.

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