It is our pleasure to, once again, thank Defense by X-Doria for being our sponsor here at TMO this week. You’ve read about their excellent iPhone cases, and this week I’m happy to feature their wireless charging dock, the Defense Vertical Duo.

Charging Two Devices is Twice the Fun

The Defense Duo charger lets you charge up to three devices simultaneously.

The Defense Duo has two separate charging surfaces for all your Qi devices. This means you can charge your AirPods Pro at the same time – and right next to – your iPhone. Defense Duo provides up to 10W allowing to to charge everything as quickly and safely as possible. Perhaps most importantly, the dock is case-compatible, meaning you don’t have to mess with pulling your phone out of its case just to charge every night.

The Defense Duo has been happily in use at my home for a while now, and one of my favorite features is that it actually has a third Qi coil in it, allowing me to charge my iPhone in either landscape or portrait mode without changing anything other than the orientation of my phone. It’s clear the folks at X-Doria spent some quality time engineering and testing this to ensure simple, intuitive operation.

One More Makes Three

Because you might have another device to charge, the Defense Duo includes an extra USB outlet on the back to charge a third device. This means your extra battery pack, Apple Watch, or any other USB-based device can be charged (or powered) without an extra wall plug being used.

$10 Off for TMO Readers

Just for being a TMO reader, you get $10 off the Duo Charger. Visit today and make sure you get your discount by using promo code 10DUOMO at checkout. That link should auto-apply it, making your price just $49.99.