Please join all of us here at TMO in thanking E3 software, makers of Direct Mail for Mac, for sponsoring our WWDC Coverage here in 2019 this year. Here’s the reality: email marketing is the #1 most cost-effective way to reach your customers and grow your business, even beating out social media channels like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. And, for the past fifteen years, Mac users around the world have trusted the Direct Mail app to handle all of their email marketing needs. We use Direct Mail for Mac here at TMO and BackBeat Media and we love it because it’s designed just for the Mac, which means it’s fast, easy-to-use, and works great with all the other apps and services we already use.

With Direct Mail you can:

  • Quickly and easily compose high quality emails that look great on mobile and desktop.
  • Get in-depth campaign reports that show you who is reading, clicking, and sharing your newsletters.
  • Grow your mailing list by creating email signup forms for your website or Facebook page.
  • Save yourself time and headache because Direct Mail integrates with over 1,000 other apps and services on your Mac and the web.

Direct Mail can even send email campaigns for you automatically, without you lifting a finger, truly automating the process of staying in touch with your customers, your audience, and more. If you are a Mac or iPhone user, you know how much nicer it is to use a purpose-built app instead of a slow and clunky web app. And if you run into a jam, you also know how nice it is to have real, human, live chat customer support available to answer your questions. This is why you want to use Direct Mail because it offers all of this, and more!

Direct Mail lets you see exactly what happened with your emails, each and every time you send.

Direct Mail’s pricing model is flexible with various different pricing plans to match your business and be an affordable, natural part of your strategy. Whether you send every day or just once a year, they have a plan that will fit your budget.

Direct Mail is free to download and get started. And, because you’re a TMO reader, you can save 10% off all their full-feature pricing plans. Just visit to check it out. You’ll definitely be glad you did!

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