Please join me in thanking eero for sponsoring The Mac Observer this week. As long-time listeners to Mac Geek Gab know, we’ve been happy eero users for years, and for good reason. eero blankets your whole home in fast, reliable Wi-Fi. Powered by TrueMesh technology, eero intuitively routes Wi-Fi traffic to eliminate dead spots and buffering.

Fast and Easy Setup

Build a custom mesh Wi-Fi setup in under 10 minutes. eero plugs directly into your existing modem and works with any internet provider.

The eero app makes it easy to manage your network and all the connected devices in it. Add as many eero devices as you need to cover every inch of your home with consistently strong Wi-Fi that never gives up.

man setting up eero

Wi-Fi That Adapts to You

eero TrueMesh Illustration

eero TrueMesh dynamically reroutes traffic to balance your Wi-Fi network.

eero’s TrueMesh software leverages dynamic routing algorithms to bring Wi-Fi down halls, around walls, and to every corner. Developed using machine learning and real data, TrueMesh optimizes for your home layout, connected devices, and network usage.

Most systems send Wi-Fi in one direction—which can leave some rooms in the house out of Wi-Fi’s reach. With TrueMesh, eero devices work together in every direction to allow for less speed degradation and navigate around any obstacle.

If there’s a disruption of any kind — like a pet knocking a Beacon out of the wall — TrueMesh dynamically reroutes traffic to keep the balance. Meanwhile, your connection stays strong and you don’t notice a thing.

It Just Keeps Getting Better – Now with Wi-Fi 6

eero’s recently-announced Wi-Fi 6 units support gigabit speeds with up to 6,000 square feet of coverage. Wi-Fi 6 not only works with compatible client devices, but it also works to give the eero units faster backhaul with each other, enhancing your network before you even have any Wi-Fi 6 devices. And, of course, all iPhones 11 and later, and any 2020 iPads all support Wi-Fi 6, so Apple is definitely heading down this path with you.

Apple HomeKit-Enabled

With Apple HomeKit, eero gives you even more protection of your HomeKit accessories and an easy way to manage what they are allowed to communicate with—in your home and on the internet. HomeKit accessories are automatically given permissions based only on what they need, and you can further restrict their access manually if you prefer.

Your eero system can firewall each of your supported HomeKit accessories based on your Home app settings. eero will prevent them from communicating with other devices connected to your network, and from unauthorized services on the internet.

Safe and Secure

Normal routers require you to proactively install security patches. eero does the work for you by automatically updating its world-class encryption and security protocols to protect your network, connected devices, and data.

An eero Secure subscription offers added protection from online threats. From ad block to password management to VPN, eero Secure provides enhanced security and privacy features designed to keep your family’s personal information private.

Get the Wi-Fi your home deserves.

  • Starting at $129
  • 30-day money back guarantee
  • Free 2-day shipping
  • 1-year warranty

Visit today and get your eero as soon as tomorrow with free overnight shipping using our Mac Geek Gab code: MGG.