TMO WWDC 2018 Coverage Sponsor: eero

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| Weekly Sponsorship

My thanks to eero for coming on board to sponsor our WWDC 2018 coverage here at TMO this year. As you’re seeing this week, we put a lot of effort into our WWDC coverage, and go through significant expense to make that happen. eero, along with our excellent roster of sponsors, ensured we were able to make that happen for you again this year.

eero – Coverage for your whole home

It’s not just WWDC coverage that eero values, it’s Wi-Fi coverage. Imagine having your whole home blanketed in fast, reliable Wi-Fi that just works. Now imagine that you don’t have to imagine that anymore.

eero’s mesh Wi-Fi not only gives you Wi-Fi coverage for your whole home – yes, including those pesky dead spots you’ve fought with for years – eero does it in a super-simple way. Within minutes of opening the box for the first time, I was finished setting up three different eero mesh points throughout the house that all automatically communicated with each other and configured themselves to provide Wi-Fi everywhere, including the backyard.

You know me, I’m a geek. I like to color outside the lines. I test the limits of things, and it’s for this reason that eero continually stays at the top of my “which mesh Wi-Fi do you recommend?” list. eero’s hardware is top notch, no question. But it’s their software that puts them over the top every time. They go the extra mile – in a very Apple-like fashion – to ensure that when you try to do something outside the norm (like add a mesh point while configured in Bridge Mode), it simply works as you would expect. They test everything, and it shows.

Recently, eero added a software feature that I honestly didn’t think they would be able to add: Bufferbloat protection. Using “Smart Queue Management“, eero now has the ability to ensure that your iCloud Photo Library and cloud backup uploads don’t slow down your internet connection. And they were able to add this to all eero systems, meaning even their first generation hardware was engineered for the future. That’s a commitment to product longevity that we respect here, at a very geeky level.

So take a break from reading all our WWDC 2018 coverage and thank eero for helping to make it possible by visiting their site and checking out what they have to offer. We think you’ll like what you find, largely because we know when we get home from WWDC we’ll be back on our eero systems, basking in headache-free Wi-Fi.

Again, my thanks to eero for sponsoring our WWDC 2018 coverage this week.

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