WWDC Coverage Sponsor: Use iMazing to Manage all your iOS Devices

iMazing's App Management screen

Our sincere thanks to iMazing for joining us again this year as a WWDC coverage sponsor. It takes a lot of time, money, and effort to provide all the WWDC and related coverage that we do for all of you, and support from folks like DigiDNA, makers of iMazing, is part of what makes it all possible.

If you don’t already know, iMazing is the Swiss Army Knife of iPhone management. It’s a desktop app for macOS (and Windows!) which lets you take control of your iOS data. With iMazing you can:

  • Make Time Machine style backups
  • Easily transfer documents, media and content
  • Dig into system files
  • Access device and battery diagnostics
  • …and much more.

All data stays local, on your computer or on the drive of your choice, and backups can be encrypted for maximum privacy. iMazing is constantly updated with new features because it’s made by Apple lovers who enjoy supporting the latest macOS and iOS (and now iPadOS!) features – Dark Mode and iOS 12 support was added while Mojave was still in beta so you were able to have it on day one (or before day one if you took part in the macOS betas!).

iMazing's App Management screen
Use iMazing to manage all your apps. It really is the easiest way!

The latest update (iMazing 2.9) focuses on Messages (SMS, iMessage) and WhatsApp chats. You can browse and search through all your messages, and export them to beautifully rendered PDFs. The entire rendering engine was rewritten from the ground up to support loading even very large amounts of messages, and to generate PDFs natively in no time.

Printouts include image attachments and emojis, and can be customized based upon paper size, content scale, and margins. It is also possible to include metadata which increases their legal weight if presented in court.

There are many use cases for iMazing’s message export features: documenting interactions with clients, providing supporting evidence in court, recovering a lost message or attachment from a backup, and even just printing out cute booklets for anniversaries (don’t laugh unless you’ve tried it!).

And now with Apple eliminating iTunes from macOS Catalina, iMazing becomes even more important, giving you the very best way to manage all your data on your iPhones and iPads (and iPod touches, too!).

Download iMazing today using our special link at https://imazing.com/tmo-wwdc2019 and get a 30% discount on all licenses.

Again, our sincere thanks to iMazing for sponsoring us and our coverage this week. They rock, and I bet they’d appreciate you heading over to Twitter to let them know just how much you appreciate them!

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