Our thanks to DigiDNA and iMazing for coming on board to sponsor our WWDC 2018 coverage here at TMO this year. It takes a lot of effort and expense for us to bring you coverage direct from San Jose, and iMazing joined our excellent roster of sponsors ensuring that happened again this year.

iMazing – iOS Device and Backup Manager

iMazing is a fully fledged iOS device manager which lets you simply do more with your iPhone, iPad or even your iPod. With iMazing you can access and export all your data, quickly sync music and photos, transfer documents and files via Wi-Fi and more.

iMazingiMazing is also the most advanced iOS backup tool on the market. It lets you backup to your chosen backup location (including external drives and NAS devices) and, unlike with iTunes or iCloud backups, it maintains a history of your backups for maximum safety. Think Time Machine for iOS backups. Plus, backup encryption is fully supported (and encouraged!).

iMazing is constantly updated with new features:

  • Advanced app management, including downloads of your IPA files from the App Store to your computer, added after the iTunes 12.7 update.
  • iMazing 2.6 is about to be released, and adds access to Safari data like browsing history, bookmarks and reading lists as well as Calendars to the mix. This includes browsing, and exports to HTML, Outlook compatible CSV, and iCal formats. Try doing that with iTunes!

iMazing is available for both Mac and PC. The same license can be used to activate iMazing regardless of the platform.

Try iMazing today, no strings attached. All backup and app management features are 100% free forever, and if you decide to purchase, we have an exclusive 30% discount for TMO readers available at https://imazing.com/tmo-wwdc2018.

Again, our thanks to iMazing for coming on board and helping to make all of our great WWDC 2018 coverage possible.

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