Schedule Instagram Posts from Your Mac with Combin Scheduler [Sponsor]

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| Weekly Sponsorship

It is our pleasure to welcome Combin Scheduler as our sponsor here at TMO this week. It’s also our pleasure to have used Combin Scheduler to ensure we didn’t forget to post this week’s (fantastic) Mac Geek Gab episode image to our MGG Instagram feed.According to the app’s developers – and backed by our own experience – consistent posting is rewarded by Instagram’s algorithms. It’s also just a nice thing to do to keep your followers happy and reminded of how smart they were to follow you in the first place.

Combin Scheduler with Mac Geek Gab Instagram Post

Combin Scheduler made it easy to post this week’s update to the MGG feed.

Combin Scheduler is super-easy to use, and makes it simple to post to both your Instagram feeds and stories. We were up and running within minutes. There’s no extra fanfare, nothing to get in your way, just craft your post, click Create and, boom, you’re finished!

Now, instead of having to remember to post new things every morning, you can be more efficient with your time and spend ten or fifteen minutes once per week, scheduling out all your posts exactly as you wanted.

You can focus on your other work and know that your Instagram feed will be perfectly peppered with your great pictures all week long, and even months ahead down to the minute, everything will be perfectly organized, and your followers will remain engaged.

Check out this great video they put together showing how easy it is, and then go download Combin Scheduler for free!

If you are interested in sponsoring TMO, please email us and we’ll get you more details.