Protect Your Mac with Intego Mac Premium Bundle X9 (Sponsor)

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I’m pleased to welcome and thank Intego for sponsoring TMO here this week. Life has changed for Mac users in recent years. Just last year at MacTech Conference, Patrick Wardle told attendees that “Macs are just as susceptible to vulnerabilities as their modern Windows counterparts… if not moreso.” And it’s true, there are more CVEs for macOS than there are for Windows.

We Mac users need protection to make sure we can go on with our blissful computing lives without being negatively affected by any of this stuff. Thankfully, that’s where Intego comes in with their Intego Mac Premium Bundle X9.

The bundle includes VirusBarrier, NetBarrier, Personal Backup, Mac Washing Machine, and ContentBarrier, a parental controls filter.

A few highlights:

  • VirusBarrier X9.  Mac malware has been on the rise recently. This summer alone, Intego points out that they were the first to protect against several new threats, including CrescentCore which spreads via download links and even perfectly innocent Google searches. Over the past year, lots of new Mac malware has been discovered, including cryptojackers, fake antivirus software, fake Flash Players, ad injectors, RATs (tools used by hackers to control hacked Macs), and nation-state spyware, just to name a few.
    1. VirusBarrier X9 protects Macs against every known Mac malware threat.
    2. The latest update that was just released scans faster than ever before.
    3. It even includes the capability to scan iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch devices when they’re connected to your Mac.

  • NetBarrier X9.  Unlike the Mac’s built-in firewall which only blocks inbound connections, NetBarrier X9 is a two-way firewall. This means it also prevents apps on your device from talking to the Internet without your permission, and thus it can help you catch apps with questionable behavior before they can “phone home” to the developers’ servers.

  • Personal Backup 10.9. We all know that Time Machine is great because it’s easy. We also know that it’s feature-limited, and definitely shouldn’t be your only backup option. Enter Intego’s Personal Backup. It can exist separately from or alongside Time Machine, and can do many things that Time Machine cannot. Want to backup to another Mac?Want to schedule convenient times for your backups to happen? Want to control how much storage things use? Want to make a bootable backup? How about sync your files?These are just some of the things Intego’s Personal Backup can do, picking up where Time Machine leaves off.

  • Mac Washing Machine X9. Listen, I understand: you like to install things on your Mac to test them out. We do the same thing here at TMO. Eventually, though, your Mac fills up with cruft and you need to clean things up. Intego’s Mac Washing Machine is here to help. By first doing a quick scan of your Mac, it can identify all the things that you might not want any longer. You can choose what to delete, or you can use Washing Machine’s “Safe to Aggressive” slider to let it decide. And if you’ve done a backup with Personal Backup first, you’re in good shape!

Intego is offering a special discount for TMO readers of just $34.99 when you buy as long as you use our link!

Join us in thanking Intego for sponsoring TMO this week by downloading the trial, checking it out, and signing yourself up for the first year.