Please join us in thanking MacX MediaTrans for being our weekly sponsor here at TMO this week. If we say that iTunes is not exactly the most intuitive app in the history of Apple, it will surely come as no surprise since the Apple itself gave it up. iTunes used to be an acceptable music player on Mac, but it was far from a satisfying iOS file transfer tool or media manager. It was designed as a synchronization application at the beginning and, over time, accumulated so many functions that the syncing features were weakened. Even the photo transfer service was totally removed. In the end, Apple shifted these features to the Finder, leaving many users looking for more.

Today we present a much simpler and more effective alternative that you can try for free for a limited time: MacX MediaTrans.

With MacX MediaTrans you can transfer your data from iPhone and iPad to your Mac or PC easily. With a very simple and fast interface, you can backup your videos, music, photos, ebooks, podcasts and other files selectively. No need to waste time waiting for the lagging synchronization of all your iPhone data. You can even use your iPhone or iPad as a USB stick, quickly create ringtones, or add and edit playlists without any limitation.

MacX MediaTrans Giveaway & Discount

MacX MediaTrans is available for free for a limited time. You can get the giveaway from its official site and save $59.95 for now. The giveaway version can’t enjoy free upgrades to get further new features. But they are also offering a discount of $57 off to have the lifetime license at the price of $25.95.

MacX MediaTrans is compatible from iPhone 5 and iPad Mini from the first generation onwards, so if you have an old iPhone, you can still take advantage of what this fantastic application offers us.

MacX MediaTrans Screenshot from January, 2021

Fast Sync Your Media Files

When it comes to making a backup copy of photos, MacX MediaTrans allows you to do it quickly and easily. As soon as you connect your device, the same albums that you have on iPhone will be displayed in the application (Camera Roll, Recently Deleted, Favorites, Selfies, Instagram … in addition to any other album created previously and images from other Apps). The transfer speed is said to be as fast as 8 seconds to transfer 100 4K pictures.

To copy the photos, videos, music or ebooks reserved on iPhone, you just need to select and drag them to the destination folder on the computer. Note that you are able to export any media files stored on the device, just not those only in iCloud.

A Converter Comes in Handy

For the past few years, iPhones started taking HEIC photos to save storage space. Although HEIC eats less space, this codec is still relatively new, and some devices may have trouble opening it. MacX MediaTrans takes this into account, using its built-in converter from HEIC to JPG. You can choose either to copy the HEIC photos to computer directly or export as JPG.

If you decide to move video to iPhone, you may know that iPhone only reads a few video formats like MP4 and MOV. When moving videos, MacX MediaTrans takes care of checking the format and converting it to MP4 if necessary. It also does the same with music when transferring WMA songs to iPhone.

Moreover, MacX MediaTrans is also a ringtone maker and USB drive mounter. When needed, MacX MediaTrans turns your iPhone into a USB drive to save PDF, Excel, DMG, and any other type of files.

When Apple relocated many of iTunes’ features to the Finder, they did not take everything into account, and many of the features that were available in iTunes are not currently available in the Finder. In some ways, iTunes wasn’t that bad compared to the current situation. Therefore, if you want to return to a better form of data management on your iPhone, check out MacX MediaTrans, which performs the role of a substitute for iTunes more than well.

Go get your free copy of MacX MediaTrans now and check it out for yourself. Then if you decide you want lifetime upgrades, go get those at our special discounted link.