Migrate to New iPhone? Get This iOS File Manager to Save You from Chaos [Sponsored]

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Please join us in thanking DearMob from Digiarty for sponsoring us here at TMO last month. Not only are they helping us, they’re also helping you manage that new iPhone you recently received.

Backup and Restore

Moving to a new iPhone can be simultaneously exciting and nerve-wracking. First, you want to make sure you have a backup of your old device, especially if you’re sending it in. DearMob iPhone Manager can help here and make it super easy to backup your device, ensuring your data is kept safely and security: DearMob lets you encrypt your backups, too, and restoration happens with 1-Click. Want to back up iPhone? Use DearMob iPhone Manager!

Selective Migration

With the increasing flexibility of cloud storage solutions, including iCloud, many people are opting to go with more modest storage options on new iPhones. This can be a great way to save money while still being on the latest hardware, the only problem being that migration could fail because you don’t have enough storage on the destination to transfer everything from iPhone to iPhone. DearMob’s got you covered here, too: their restoration feature lets you choose which bits to restore, leaving unnecessary stuff behind. Brilliant.

Selective Media Management

Migration and restoration aren’t the only places where DearMob’s focus on giving you choice and flexibility come in handy. You can use DearMob to selectively manage your media any time. Videos, songs, and images are all controllable by DearMob. In fact, DearMob will let you transfer songs and videos of all formats, including those not supported by Apple. It will even help you remove DRM from your files so that you’re not limited in transferring your files to your own devices. Fantastic stuff.

Media Conversion, with DRM Removal Option

DearMob will auto-convert things like MKV and FLC to MP4, WMV and FLAC to MP3, and will even auto-compress video to make it fit better. DearMob is smart, too, because it uses your GPU to accelerate most of its conversion operations, meaning it will transfer 100 4K photos in about 8 seconds, and 100 songs in about 35 seconds. And it’ll transfer a 1GB movie in about 50 seconds. That’s impressive!

Have you ever seen a video that needs to be rotated or flipped? Never fear that again with DearMob. Its engine will take care of that for you without any issues at all.

Download for Free, Upgrade for Less, Register to Win

DearMob is what you want, and you can download the free version today, with 50% off if you want to upgrade to the full version.

Go download your free version of DearMob now and start checking it out!