Looking for a case for the brand new iPhone 12 Mini, iPhone 12, iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 Pro Max? We’ve found a fantastic set of options from Raptic! Yes, they’re our sponsor this week, and they’re also the makers case that has been on my iPhone 12 Pro since the day it arrived. Sure, I’ve tested some others in the meantime, but the Raptic Air Blue Gradient has made such a perfect companion to my Pacific Blue iPhone 12 Pro that it’s easy for me to return to time and again.

Let’s face it, getting a phone isn’t cheap. When it comes to protecting your iPhone 12 investment, Raptic Shield provides monumental protection. Raptic Shield phone cases are tested to meet and exceed military drop test standards (MILSTD-810G) of up to 10 feet onto concrete, while retaining a slim, sleek profile. An anodized aluminum metal bumper is coupled with a honeycomb interior lining to add extra shock absorption for drops. Raptic Shield also features a raised front lip (1.2 mm) to help avoid the screen from being damaged or scratched. When we said it was monumental protection, we meant it.

In these times, hygienics have become of paramount importance. We carry our phones with us everywhere and it’s a tall task to keep them completely clean. An antimicrobial film is applied onto the Raptic Shield, to help protect against most bacteria and germs.

Additionally, I have tested this case with all the Qi chargers I have, including Apple’s new MagSafe charger, and my phone happily charges through the case with every one of them.

You’re going to love your iPhone 12 and want to show it off, but not at the risk of endangering its protection. Raptic Shield is backed with a clear polycarbonate panel, designed to protect your iPhone 12 from impact and scratches while putting that Apple logo and its stylish color scheme at center stage. And the best part? It won’t yellow, so your case lets your iPhone retain its true hue.

An added bonus: Raptic offers free shipping on all phone cases within the U.S.

Truly, I meant what I said about these being fantastic options. Check them out at RapticStrong.com and I think you’ll agree.