I’m thrilled to welcome Evgeny Cherpak back as our sponsor for this week. His Remote Control for Mac app  delivers some functionality and features I’ve wanted for a long time, and provides some new ones that I didn’t even know I wanted… until I had them!

The idea behind Remote Control for Mac is to make your Mac fully controllable from your iPhone, perhaps while looking at your Mac’s screen from across the room; or AirPlaying your Mac to your Apple TV.We’ve all tried this and then been frustrated by having to sit on the couch and hold a bulky laptop or grab the wireless keyboard and trackpad from the iMac. I have yet to find anyone that can make a wireless trackpad work well while sitting on the couch. You can’t click because the couch absorbs all the pressure when you push down on the trackpad!

Remote Control for Mac solves that problem by giving you full control of your Mac from your iPhone. Remote Control’s features are purpose-built to control all of the main functions of any Mac app so it just feels like you’re controlling a TV app from your iPhone… except that app is running on your Mac, and that means it can even be running inside a web browser!

Image with screenshots from Cherpak's Remote for Mac

Remote Control for Mac adds Mac Menus (on the left) to the feature list. Scheduled Commands (middle) and Keyboard/Mouse (right) just add to the experience.

This month Evgeny added a brand new feature called Mac Menu. This feature makes it super easy to use your iPhone to choose menu items from the active app on your Mac. No more fumbling with that emulated mouse just to drop the menu and select File > New Window. Just choose “New Window” right there from the list on your iPhone.

Remote Control’s Scheduled Commands feature allows you to set a time delay before a command triggers. This can be handy if you fall asleep while watching TV and want your Mac to force itself to go to sleep later in the night. Or perhaps you have kids and want to limit their screen time? A shut-down Mac can certainly accomplish that!

Again, our sincere thanks to Evgeny Cherpak for sponsoring TMO and supporting us here again this week. Readers, check out Remote Control for Mac today so you can support Evgeny and see what it’s all about. You can get started by downloading Remote Control for Mac to your iPhone today, and don’t forget to download the put the free companion app on your Mac, too. That’s the secret sauce that makes it all work like magic!

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