It is, once again, my true pleasure to welcome Remote for Mac from Evgeny Cherpak as our sponsor this week. It’s rare that someone writes an app for themselves that immediately resonates with me, but that’s exactly what happened with Remote for Mac.

Remote for Mac’s Origins

For the unfamiliar, Remote for Mac takes the idea of Screen Sharing your Mac from your iPhone and turns it into a fully-workable solution. Don’t get me wrong, Screen Sharing my Mac from my iPhone is, alone, a wonderful thing. Apple didn’t include it, so I’m thankful that Remote for Mac exists to bring us that functionality.

But Remote for Mac brings us so much more. Knowing that the iPhone isn’t the best interface for controlling a desktop computer, Evgeny Cherpak has created a contextualized user interface for your phone that lets you control all the features you’d want without having to simply default to dragging a mouse around your iPhone screen. You can do that, too, of course, but when you’re trying to do that to control iTunes or VLC on your Mac that’s connected to your home stereo or TV, it’s much better to have play/pause/rewind/fast-forward controls. And that’s exactly what Remote for Mac has.

Remote for Mac on iPhone 11 Pro

Screenshots of Remote for Mac’s iTunes and VLC-specific controls bookend one for its mouse-and-keyboard-control overlay.

Switch to VLC, and you get VLC-specific buttons right on your iPhone screen. Move to iTunes and your phone’s screen adapts to the new app running on your Mac. Launch some funky app of your own? No problem, you can make your iPhone your mouse and keyboard and interact just like normal, or you can create your own custom pads to control any app you like!

Watch This

The latest addition to Remote for Mac, though, is where it all changes. If Remote for Mac was originally built so you didn’t have to get off the couch to make a change to your Mac, the new Apple Watch functionality means you don’t even have to reach for your iPhone to do it. Just raise your wrist, tap a few buttons to start – or pause – your movie from VLC, and you can chill in peace.

Remote For Mac Apple Watch Screenshots

Use your Apple Watch to control your Mac with Remote for Mac

The great news? You don’t have to just take my word for it; you can check it out for yourself! Get Remote for Mac from the App Store and begin basking on the couch tonight! In fact, Evgeny Cherpak has provided us with some promo codes to share with a few of you. Go get them while they last!