Please join me in thanking SaneBox for joining us as a WWDC Coverage Sponsor for 2019. I have been a SaneBox user for almost six years now, and I can’t imagine life without it. Put quite simply, SaneBox becomes your very trainable (and coachable!) partner in taming your inbox exactly to your liking.

It starts with the initial “purge”, though nothing is deleted, of course. SaneBox just takes all the stuff in your inbox and sorts it for you into other mailboxes. Newsletters go to SaneNews, receipts and such go to SaneLater, and only things sent directly to you stay there in the inbox.

SaneBox will change your email life forever

And that’s just the beginning. From there you can tweak it. If SaneBox puts something in SaneLater that you would prefer comes to the inbox in the future, just move it to the inbox and SaneBox will learn for the next time. It’s truly that simple. I like to have my shipment notifications separated out, so I created a SaneShipped folder where all my USPS, FedEx, and UPS emails now land.

SaneBox means you’re triaging your email categorically instead of just chronologically, and things get so much more efficient when you’re looking at messages all of the same type or priority for you.

SaneBox works on top of your existing set up and I’ve always had an easy time setting it up. You don’t have to change your habits by creating a new email account or downloading a new app—SaneBox just makes your existing one awesome.

Then there’s SaneReminders, a way to bcc an address like “[email protected]” to automatically remind you when you need a followup email. Nothing falls through the cracks, and it’s truly blissful.

Again, it’s truly my pleasure to have SaneBox on board to sponsor our WWDC 2019 Coverage. I’m not sure I could make it through a week like this without SaneBox filtering my inbox for me and letting me see only those things that are necessary. It takes a lot to bring a team out to cover a show like this, and we’re super-appreciate for the help of sponsors like SaneBox.

Now you can see how SaneBox can magically remove distractions from your inbox with a free two-week trial. Visit to start your two-week trial and have a $25 credit waiting for you in your account when you’re ready to buy. Check ’em out!

The Mac Observer's WWDC 2019 coverage sponsored by:

  • iMazing
  • Smile
  • Bombich / Carbon Copy Cloner
  • SaneBox
  • Direct Mail for Mac

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