Please join me in offering a warm thank you to TextExpander – and the folks behind it at Smile – for joining us and sponsoring our CES 2020 coverage this year. Sifting through all the noise at CES to highlight products that are relevant for all of us Apple-focused-folk takes a lot of effort, time, and expense. It often starts in mid-November, and continues through this week. Without TextExpander and sponsors like them, this simply wouldn’t be possible at the level we’re able to do it for you.

TextExpander Logo from SmileSpeaking of TextExpander specifically, not only is their financial sponsorship immensely helpful, but so is the very product. You see, with TextExpander you can manage everything you type repetitively. Sure, that includes email addresses, phone numbers, and addresses… but it also includes common email replies.

Imagine, if you will, that you’re getting hundreds (thousands?) of emails inviting you to come check out products at a trade show like CES. And imagine that, for many of those, you want to reply asking specific, similar questions: at which events will you be exhibiting? Where is your booth/table? Does your product work with macOS/iOS/iPadOS/watchOS?

With TextExpander, I simply loaded it up with my common reply snippets, tweaked them to get things absolutely perfect, and then never thought about grammar, spelling, or clarity again. Those snippets were safely stored – and synced! – with my TextExpander libraries on all my Macs, iPhone, and iPad. So no matter where I was when I had five extra minutes to triage some inbound CES pitches, I could do it efficiently and accurately.

And we could share those snippets with the whole team here so that everyone has access to them and can do the same, without ever having to even create them on their own.

It’s things like this that make TextExpander invaluable for me, and likely for you, too. Go check it out at (choose “Other” from the dropdown there, if you would, please), and you can get 20% off your first year just for being a TMO reader.

Thanks, TextExpander and Smile team!