Timing: Automatic Time Tracking for the Mac (Sponsor)

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| Weekly Sponsorship

It is my pleasure to welcome Timing as this week’s sponsor here at TMO. I am an efficiency freak. I have a lot to get done, a lot I want to do, and yet I often get to the end of my day and wonder, “where did the time go?” I’ve tried manually logging my time but, let’s be honest, I didn’t sign up to be an attorney!

Timing’s menu bar applet takes care of the automation.

For the past week I’ve been using Timing and this problem is 100% solved. Timing sits here on my Mac in my office, watching my every move and recording what apps I’m using and what websites I’m visiting. The data is all mine and is not sent to the cloud, so I’m not concerned about privacy (Google and Comcast likely know far more than Timing ever will!). If I step away from my desk, Timing pops down from my menu bar and asks me what I did when I return. I can tell it I was on the phone cutting a new deal or simply eating lunch, and it files that away.

When I want to look at what I’ve done, I launch Timing to show me my productivity. I can even edit things by simply dragging from one category to another. I wind up doing a lot of work in both Google Docs and Synology Drive. Timing initially filed those websites as “Web Browsing.” I dragged each of them to “Office & Business” and, boom, my time was instantly recategorized and calculated.

With most productivity apps the general rule is that you get as much out of it as you put into it and, as I said, I generally have better things to do with my time than obsess about my time all the time. With Timing, it does the obsessing for me automatically. Then when I’m curious, I can pop in and take a look. And that’s when the statement, “that which is monitored is managed” proves its truth. As soon as I started looking at what I had done all day and all week, I naturally made some adjustments … and I’m already finding myself more mindful and more productive as a result.

Timing’s Review interface lets you both see and tweak your results for perfect visibility and accuracy into how you spent your time.

Visit TimingApp.com/MacObserver to (a) download Timing, (b) start your 14-day free trial, and (c) qualify for your special 10% discount! It’ll start working for you right away and by the time that two weeks is up, you’ll know for sure how well Timing will benefit you, long-term.

Again, my sincere thanks to Timing for sponsoring us here at TMO this week.

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