Imagine being on the couch, relaxing, basking, and controlling your Mac in another room, on another floor, even in the office next door? Imagine having a Mac mini media server connected to your TV way over there and having a full-featured remote control right on your phone, fully purpose-built for the apps you’re using to watch your favorite shows.

You can keep imagining if you want, but you could also just download Remote for Mac from our sponsor here at TMO this week: Evgeny Cherpak.

Get your Mac’s full-size keyboard and then some right from your iPhone

Merging Touch, Keyboard and Mouse

Remote for Mac is one of those things that seems so simple when you finally use it, but the reality is creating it is not so simple. Your Mac and your iPhone are two completely different types of devices, with two completely different interfaces and input devices. Controlling your Mac from your iPhone – an interface built for touch – is one of those things that really doesn’t make sense.

And that’s where Remote for Mac comes in and makes sense of it all for us. Evgeny Cherpak is a wanted to do this for himself, and spent countless hours developing, experimenting, iterating, and revising until he got it just right. And since then he’s continued revising based on expanded ideas that both he and other fellow Remote for Mac users have.

AirPlay from Anywhere in the House

For example: AirPlay controls. Our Macs are truly first-class citizens in our world of AirPlay 2 devices, and can serve as our fixed-in-place – and fixed-on-the-network – media hubs. In addition to simply being more reliable network citizens, our Macs aren’t “one app in the front at a time” devices, which makes them better media hubs than our phones. All those weird, modal things that happen on our phones to capture our attention – and interrupt the stream of sound – just don’t happen on the Mac. But our phones are in our pockets all the time, which makes our phones the best place to control AirPlay. And, well, you see where this is going: Remote for Mac is our friend once again.

Keyboard and Mouse Matter Most on the Mac

Keyboard and Mouse control is such a huge part of using the Mac, and really not at all a part of using the iPhone. But when remote controlling our Macs, we often find ourselves in scenarios where we want a keyboard and mouse. That’s doubly-true if you’re remote controlling a Mac mini media center connected to your TV. Here, too, Remote for Mac’s ingenious design makes for a very fluid experience in using an on-screen keyboard and clever trackpad interface right there on your phone, making you feel at home on your Mac, especially when you’re not right in front of it.

Get simultaneous trackpad and mouse. Middle picture shows where your finger is on the trackpad, rightmost pic shows your Mac’s screen right on your phone.

Go check out Remote for Mac. Not only will you be showing Evgeny Cherpak your thanks for his support of us here at TMO this week, but you’ll be getting an extremely well-designed, useful tool to have in your connected home environment.

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