Our thanks to GigSky for sponsoring our WWDC coverage here at TMO this week.

GigSky Logo with World Mobile Data taglineFor those of you that know the name – and those of you that don’t – GigSky is the first World Mobile Data service designed for travelers. GigSky, which is available via Apple SIM or with GigSky’s own SIM, makes it simple to stay connected without having to worry about acquiring a new SIM in every country you visit. Simply launch the app once you’re on the ground, buy data, and go. It’s that simple, it’s cost-efficient, and it’s focused on you, the customer.

New Rates for Europe

GigSky recently launched new rate plans in European countries on Apple SIM. For just $50 you can get 5GB and, for those of you that need less, a 1-Day 300MB plan is now available for just $10. If you’re planning your Europe travel this summer, factor GigSky into the mix. I did it last summer and it made a world of difference, no pun intended.

GigSky is the Platform

Even GigSky customers may not realize that GigSky is the platform. GigSky actually owns spectrum (which they lease to AT&T), and provide the backbone for a fully-embedded SIM Platform. That can be in their SIM, in a removable Apple SIM, or in an embedded Apple SIM (hint: GigSky is available today in all three!). Those are just delivery mechanisms, and GigSky is there for you regardless of how you need or want to connect with them.

Developers, GigSky Loves You

On top of all that – or, more accurately, underneath all that – GigSky has built an API for all developers to leverage. This means you can get mobile data for your application or product wherever it may be. Just like a traveling photographer can land in Rome and grab data as easily as she can land in Sydney and do the same, you can tap into GigSky in your product, too.

Imagine creating a device that needs to know its location and phone home and you don’t want to rely on Wi-Fi, but you also don’t want to have to negotiate deals with every mobile carrier in the world. No need… just leverage GigSky’s platform and they’ll take care of it for you. Plug into their API and your device has data wherever it is, even if you’ve never been there before, all thanks to GigSky’s Worldwide connectivity.

Check out GigSky today, and enjoy the piece of mind and attractive data pricing every time you land in another part of the world.

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