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It is my pleasure to kick off our WWDC 2017 sponsorships with iMazing Mini. Yes, this is the second article you’re seeing here on TMO about iMazing Mini, and that’s because Jeff Butts found out about it and thought it qualified as Cool Stuff Found… and he was right!

iMazing has always been that piece of software that takes over where iTunes stops in terms of managing your iPhone and iPad. iMazing Mini takes this to a whole new level. Jeff Butts crystallized it’s purpose when he said iMazing Mini is like Time Machine for your iPhone. And it works. We’ve tried it.

iMazing Mini: Free, Versioned Backups of your iPhone and iPad

  • iMazing Mini is the free Mac and PC app which backs up your iOS devices automatically, wirelessly, and privately.
  • 100% Private: encrypted backups via your local Wi-Fi network, to your chosen location and drive.
  • 100% Transparent: configure when and how frequently each of your devices is backed up.
  • 100% Safe: Unlike iTunes or iCloud, iMazing Mini saves every backup incrementally so that you can go back in time to a specific version.
  • 100% Free: no registration, no paid cloud storage, and no ads.
Main configuration screen for iMazing Mini showing top-level options

iMazing Mini provides just enough control of your iPhone backups to give you everything you want.

Comparing iMazing Mini to iTunes and iCloud

iTunesiCloudiMazing Mini
PriceFreeFree up to 5GB storageFree
Multiple SnapshotsNoNoYes
Automatic BackupsIt’s complicated…YesYes
Backup LocationMain hard driveiCloudYou choose: main hard drive, external hard drives, or NAS
EncryptionYou chooseAlways enabledYou choose

Free, hmmm… What’s the catch?

There’s no catch, really. DigiDNA’s flagship app, iMazing, is a paid app (and, in my opinion, essential software that’s well-worth the price!). DigiDNA designed iMazing Mini to be its perfect companion and a nifty little standalone tool, too. Their hope, of course, is that you’ll enjoy iMazing Mini so much that you’ll be tempted to give iMazing a go – it’s that simple, really.

New App, Mature Support

Because iMazing Mini is basically a chunk of iMazing packaged separately as a standalone app, it benefits from the same care and meets the same quality standards as iMazing. From our testing here at TMO, iMazing Mini will by far be the most advanced and polished iOS backup tool out there, and it’s available with no strings attached whatsoever. Free insurance for your mobile data, with no privacy issues and far more advanced than what iTunes and iCloud offer.

The good news: you can go get iMazing Mini today. And like we told you: it’s free, as in beer. Go!

Our sincere thanks go out to the DigiDNA and iMazing team for being one of our WWDC 2017 coverage sponsors.

If you are interested in sponsoring TMO, please email us and we’ll get you more details.

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