TMO WWDC 2017 Coverage Sponsor: Readdle

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I am very excited to announce Readdle as today’s highlighted sponsor of this week’s WWDC 2017 TMO Coverage.

If there’s one company that has been riding the wave of the future of iOS, I think this week cemented Readdle as the holder of that title. Readdle has built an ecosystem of productivity apps that expand what’s possible on iPhone and iPad. They are a success story that managed to build a sustainable business on the App Store from day one, and still innovate. After all, let’s not forget who was first to do Drag-and-Drop on iPad.

Email, Too!

Readdle’s working to reinvent email with Spark, a smart email client that solves a problem of an overwhelmed inbox. Not only that, but Spark improves upon every aspect of email: search, categorization, much better UI, smart notifications that only show up if an important person emails you, quick, on-tap replies and much more. Two months ago, Terry Blanchard, the former lead of Apple’s Mail team joined Spark as VP of engineering. The Readdle team is now hard at work on Spark 2.0 with support for teams.

PDF Expert

PDF Expert is an outstanding PDF editor for both the Mac and iOS. The Mac version has won App of the Year runner up by Apple, and the iOS one is used by over 5 million people. With PDF Expert you can view huge PDFs smoothly, read in various modes, and have we mentioned editing? You can easily edit PDF text and images, add stamps, sign documents and fill forms, extract pages, combine two files into one, and much more. PDF Expert is just a one time purchase for a fraction of what Adobe will charge you annually.

Take a minute and visit to learn about all their productivity apps. I think you’ll be impressed, and you’ll likely wind up trying out an app or three from them. They make good stuff, and they’re here to stay.

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