It is my sincere pleasure to welcome SaneBox as a WWDC 2017 Coverage Sponsor here at TMO. I have been using SaneBox on my own email accounts since 2013 and, as I said to a friend recently, “SaneBox is a service that must not ever go away.”

SaneBox LogoSaneBox watches your inbox and routes your email with the main goal of keeping your inbox pruned down to only those emails that are truly for you. Other emails are still available, they’re just put into different boxes for your later perusal. This must be experienced to be understood, because going through your SaneNews box which only contains emails from mailing lists is an amazing thing. First, it means you don’t see any of this stuff when quickly triaging your inbox for important stuff. Secondly, and perhaps the surprise feature, is how efficient you can be at reading your newsletters when that’s the only task you need to focus on at the time.

Having emails pre-filtered and pre-sorted is awesome. The best part is that you can tweak SaneBox just by moving emails around. If a newsletter makes it to your inbox, just drag it to SaneNews and all future editions of that newsletter will be put in SaneNews. Or, if something makes it to SaneLater that you’d rather have in your inbox, just drag it back. It’s that simple.

SaneBox works on top of your existing set up. You don’t have to change your habits by creating a new email account or downloading a new app—SaneBox just makes your existing email account awesome.

I talk with a lot of fellow SaneBox users, and they all are quite happy because of the features I’ve mentioned above. Almost all of them are completely unaware of one of my favorite features: SaneReminders.

With SaneReminders, you can have SaneBox automatically remind you when you need a followup email. You just cc or bcc an address like [email protected] or [email protected] and SaneBox puts a reminder in your email box at the time you’ve selected. You can send out notes to people and don’t have to remember to check in with them later if they haven’t replied. Literally nothing falls through the cracks. People will think you’re a business ninja.

Here’s the great part: you get a two week free trial. But you could find that elsewhere, so while that’s great, it’s not special. What is special is that you can get an extra $15 credit on top of the two-week free trial by visiting – that’s TDO for our TMO Daily Observations podcast, where you can also hear about SaneBox today.

You don’t have to enter your credit card information unless you decide to buy, so there’s really nothing to lose. Check it out today and let us know what you think. I’ve been a paying customer for years and SaneBox is truly one of those must-have services that I use and rely upon. I think you’ll find the same!

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