When using iPhone spyware becomes a must?

She got her daughter back thanks to Apple’s Find My iPhone app.

In Pennsylvania, an 18-year-old girl was kidnapped by the ex-boyfriend of her mother and taken 150 miles away from home. But, the victim’s mother managed to track her daughter’s cell phone and, that way, save her.

Since 2011 when the app became free for all iCloud users, it has helped the police stop many crimes worldwide (e.g., Atlanta’s robbery case and stolen iMac in Langley, British Colombia). That way, these incidences prove that the conception of the GPS location tracking is powerful and applicable to daily life.

Recently, the Apple CEO Tim Cook has got a letter from the U.S. House Committee on Energy and Commerce with concerns about location services. The superior reassured the institution and the public that customers always control how their data is used whatever the provider is – Apple or any other third-party app.

The idea was successfully embraced by spy apps for iPhone long ago. They suggest getting the GPS location information about the target device and making it available for users in order to make beneficial decisions. The target audience of such apps is mostly parents and kids. Also, they offer spying opportunities to employers as well. Since the title of “spying” bites, they come under the sauce of monitoring or tracking ones. This transition is reasonable since monitoring at home or workplace is approved by the law and accepted by the societal moral. Moreover, in specific cases, such as abduction, missing, or robbery, using spyware on iPhone becomes a must.

How does iPhone spyware work?

There are two possible ways to install the software – with jailbreaking or without it. To install spyware for iPhone without jailbreaking, a parent needs the credentials of the child’s phone. In this case, no physical access to a device is required. Once parents have them, they can log in onto the software’s control panel. There, it’s necessary to fill out the iCloud credentials where required. The next step is to start monitoring.

With jailbreaking, it’s more complicated since a user must have a physical access to a phone. Moreover, jailbreaking suggests removing all restrictions imposed on an iOS device by Apple. Thus, the device’s owner might enjoy other unauthorized but safe apps.

It’s noteworthy that software developers recommend informing a child about the fact of supervising.

When do spy apps come in handy?

Nowadays, this kind of software embed the solutions to vigorous challenges people will always encounter – impactful parenting, secure business, and devoted relationships. The latter seems to have a very “spying” nature. But the first two fit in people’s ethics.

For parents, that’s a perfect finding in terms of getting constant updates on their kid’s whereabouts. The feature often comes with the geo-fences one, which allows setting no-go areas on the app’s virtual map and sends alerts when they are crossed.
It’s super powerful when a family has a kid with a mental disease in the house. For example, children with Alzheimer, dementia, or memory loss can get lost or end up in an unknown place. Kids with sight problems might have the same issues. Thus, the odds are these kids can be easily tracked remotely and got back home.

Tracking apps also offer to monitor of the work devices’ location. Although 78% of business owners monitor their employees at workplaces (according to the American Management Association’s annual survey), the feature is less popular. Instead, they tend more to monitor emails, iMessages and SMS, phone calls, and an online activity.

In order to protect the corporate data, big bosses want to make sure practically that their coworkers stick to agreements not to divulge the information to third parties. Besides, this is a way for companies’ strategists to adjust the customer care. To make customers more loyal and brand aware, companies arrange the communication with them via social media and instant messengers (Facebook Messenger, Viber, WhatsApp, etc.). Since almost all spy apps monitor them, this makes them flat-out helpful for B2C businesses.

Nowadays, children grow up in two realities – physical and digital. The latter happened to be more affecting. That’s why knowing this world is crucial. Parents can view chatting in messengers, visited sites, browsing history, bookmarks, installed apps, and much more. Therefore, they can prevent cyberbullying, contacts with online predators, involvement in child sexting and dangerous online games.

Summing up…

The global monitoring market is expected to reach $9.50 billion of revenue by 2023, according to the 2017 Market Future’s report. It’s no surprise since as long as it meets people’s needs, they wouldn’t mind titles but solutions.