Where and how to watch upcoming eSports tournaments

As we roll into the year 2020 new and exciting events are coming to the eSports industry. More and more games are being developed every single year with old ones being updated with new content by their developer teams without tiring.

At some point, it may even be impossible to find nothing but eSports to watch online in the future, simply because there are so many games being developed.

Regardless though, there are still some games that are more popular than others. For example, the overwhelming majority of people watch CS: GO, League of Legends, Dota 2 and nowadays Fortnite.

Because of the growing number of spectators, the eSports industry has dedicated more and more funds to bigger and better events. And considering that most of the viewership is coming from online platforms, the quality of the transmissions have been improved significantly over time as well.

But, there are still some devices that are extra handy to have when watching some of your favorite games.

What device should you use?

Overall, it’s recommended that you use any device that supports 4k. With all of the modern recording technology, operators and organizers are sometimes able to elevate the colors and the effects being used during these events. Some of those effects are impossible to see with the naked eye, but with the elevation of an Ultra HD 4k monitor, it should be quite possible.

However, not everybody has a huge 4k monitor in their house, nor do they have the time to sit at home and watch the match, which is why it’s important to choose the right mobile device for the best viewership.

Right now the best device that one could go for is the MacBook Pro 16 Inch. With the super retina display and the increased monitor, it’s one of the best devices to watch the matches on.

Consider the graphics of the game you’d like to play. You’d want the graphics to be as good as possible right? Well, the devices that the gamers use during the matches are indeed the type that supports such quality displays, which is why having the same kind of device is important to keep up with the fast pace of the games.

Unfortunately, watching the games when sitting next to a PC could be very tiring. However, having a mobile device like a MacBook with the optimal display can help with comfort as well as a viewing experience.

Where to watch the games

First things first, there are not too many TV channels that actually showcase eSports. In fact, there are none at all. The best place to watch these games is either on Twitch or on YouTube during live streams.

Naturally, though, there are other platforms that like to stream these games and provide additional services on the side. For example, if a Twitch and YouTube stream allow you to comment, other services could allow you to bet on eSports as you watch it.

Of course, this is not something everybody would be interested in, but statistics show that more and more people are becoming involved in eSports betting.

Regardless though, no matter how much additional service you may want from your streaming service, the main focus will still be on the game itself and the quality. Therefore the best options still remain with Twitch and YouTube. But considering how Twitch has been under fire lately for their lagging servers, YouTube is the safest bet for now.