Why Bet365 Mobile App For iOS Is Right For You

Undeniably, mobile betting has become a first choice for people who prefer to gamble online. With the proliferation of mobile apps these days, people can easily access online betting, particularly for those who want to make sports wagers from the stand as the game progresses.

That being said, the need to access instant betting has influenced the revolution of mobile gaming even further than mobile casinos. Punters can now enjoy dedicated sports betting apps, including features apps such as stat collectors and odds calculators. Therefore, players not only get mobile access, but also true industry innovation through the revolution of mobile gaming.

Mobile Betting Apps

Almost all major betting sites already have dedicated apps for mobile users. Basically, they are available on Android and iOS, which offer the same access to betting markets in full Web versions. You can also see that some sites have simplified versions of some sites in terms of visual aspects for mobile screens.

So when it comes to considering an app for online betting, you have to consider one that should suit your betting habits. If you have signed up to a specific betting website online, you may have to download the app too. This will give you a convenient way to gain access to your existing account.

Major Sports Apps

When it comes to picking your type of app, you should know that there are a lot of sports betting apps to consider. But if you are only interested about football or horse raising, then you don’t want to be bothered by other sports. Therefore, you should pick one that is dedicated for your needs.

Some mobile betting apps even offer special deals and enhanced odds to a particular team that you can take advantage of. This includes certain apps like the bet365 APP app for iOS (credits: Betenemy), which is among the most successful and popular betting platforms you can find online. Moreover, the company behind this app has already come a long way, which is why it is preferred by many bettors.

Android Version

You may not be able to find the app in the Google Play Store if you are an Android user. However, you can download the app manually by visiting the official efirbet.com website. Then, look for the bet365 mobile app or mimic the steps below.

  • First, you have to tinker with the security settings of your mobile device so that it can install the APK file from unknown sources. Just go toSettings-> Security-> Unknown Sources, and then tick the box to enable this option.
  • Go to the bottom of the webpage and tap on the “view all bet365 app”.
  • You may be prompted with certain choices, such as Casino, Poker, and Sports betting.
  • After making a decision on which option to download, you can tap on it and begin to download the APK file.
  • Then, after the download process, just install the app on your mobile device.
  • You will be required to log into your account or first create one if you haven’t already. You can then begin playing the game to your heart’s content.

iOS Version

The good thing about bet365 app is that you can also install it on your iOS devices. Likewise, you can look it up from iTunes, which is a lot convenient than Android users.

  • Simply look for the app from the App Store or iTunes
  • Tap the Install button and it will begin the download process, before it will be automatically installed on your device
  • Then, you will be prompted to create your own account before finally getting started to play

Mobile App Or Mobile Website?

There is a couple of options to enjoy online betting on your mobile device. First is through the app, which gives you convenience of just tapping the icon from your home screen and play. Second is through the mobile website, which gives you access to the betting options on your mobile browser. This is a bit of a disadvantage because you could be redirected to another site the moment you close the browser.

Mobile App– If you prefer the mobile app version, you can take advantage of the user-friendly interface. Most of all, you won’t get redirected to another site when navigating through the app.

Mobile Website– You may have an advantage with this option if you don’t want to download and install any more apps on your mobile device. In terms of user-friendliness though, you may find that this is not as advantageous as the mobile app version.