Why Mobile is the Future of Online Casino Gaming


The online casino industry has been steadily growing over the years. It has surely come a long way since it started in the 90s and right now, the online gambling market size is already worth billions of dollars. Experts and analysts also predict that the market size will reach 127.3 billion US dollars by 2027.

This year has also been quite great for the online gambling sector. Many land casinos were forced to temporarily close their doors this year because of the pandemic. Because of that, people turned to the internet to entertain themselves. Not only land casino goers turned to online gambling but also people who haven’t even gambled before.

Since the start of the pandemic in March, many online casinos reported a spike in their traffic and new players are part of this traffic. It’s understandable as people had to spend more time indoors because of the lockdown and quarantine protocols.

Even if the online gambling industry is still set to rise, one particular sector is making a big contribution to the growth of the industry. Mobile gambling accounts for more than half of the overall gambling industry is making. This is why you can easily notice that the best online casino would have a mobile app version of their site.

In the United Kingdom alone, mobile gambling already accounts for 75 percent of what the industry is making in the country. Meanwhile, in New Jersey where sports betting is legal, the mobile market accounts for around 80 percent of the monthly betting handle that they get. This just shows how much people are now using their mobile phones to gamble.

What Makes Mobile Gambling That Popular?

There are a few reasons why mobile gambling is on a steady rise aside from the pandemic. One of the most obvious reasons is the fact that the number of mobile users is also on the rise. It is already estimated that around 4 billion people worldwide own a smartphone.

This means that mobile casinos can offer their service to that many people. Despite the big number, it is still expected that more people will have smartphones worldwide as its price gets more reasonable.

Speaking of smartphones, these pocket-sized devices are becoming more and more powerful. Whether it’s Apple or any Android phone company, you can expect that the phones they release will just keep on getting better with improved and enhanced gaming capabilities.

It also helps that the 5G connection is becoming more widely available. Fast internet enables a smoother and faster gaming experience for mobile users. This is why many casino companies are now shifting their focus to the mobile market. Many casino companies have also been creating their native apps in the last years.

When it comes to sports betting, in-play betting is becoming more popular. This is why punters now prefer downloading betting apps on their mobile devices rather than using a desktop or laptop to place their bets.

It is easier for players to see the updated odds when they use mobile betting apps. In-play betting odds are only available for a few seconds and this can be missed by people who are betting on a desktop as they will have to refresh their browsers often. Apps can easily display updated odds in an instant.

Another factor that makes people more interested in mobile gambling is security. Well, online transactions, in general, are now safe nowadays as security measures online are now improved and are continuously developed.

However, people are now becoming more comfortable in using their mobile devices in gambling because these are the private properties that only they can access. With the rise of mobile banking comes the security that mobile transactions are now safer than ever. Some people gamble and only want to keep it to themselves and using their mobile device is the most private way for them to carry on with their gambling activities.


More and more people will likely get into mobile gambling in the next few years. Mobile betting alone is becoming more available in the United States. In fact, before the pandemic, there were reports that New Yorkers would travel to New Jersey to place their bets with their mobile device even if in-person betting is legal in NY. This just shows how more people are relying on their mobile devices for convenience. They would rather use their mobile device than go to a casino in the state to place their bets.

It appears that gaming and gambling companies see the potential of the mobile gambling market and with that, we can only expect that more gambling apps will be available in the future.