Why Mobiles Are the Future of Online Gambling

Frustrated woman looking at iPhone

Mobiles being the future of online gaming doesn’t seem shocking now, but it wasn’t on the cards pre-millennium. Millions of people flocked to traditional gambling destinations, from Las Vegas to Macau, ensuring these locations were worth billions of pounds to local and global economies.

Suddenly, this changed as smartphones became more prominent and started to solve the problems players had concerning virtual casinos. Not only have mobile establishments caught up with their land-based cousins, but they are taking over, with almost 75% of players prefering the platform. This stat highlights that they are the future of online gambling, but how are they doing it?

Taking Advantage of Smartphone Use

Mobile gambling and smartphones go hand in hand. As mobile technology gets better – handsets, 5G, etc., – the availability of games and accessibility of mobile casinos are greater than ever. Casinos know that they need to get people to play, and they do this by leveraging apps and welcome offers to bring new customers to the table. As a result, mobile phone use is up to 215 minutes per day and is expected to reach 234 minutes this year. People buy phones with gambling in mind, which is why the list of Japanese smartphone casinos, and casinos around the world, has risen in recent years. By taking advantage of the evolution of smartphone usage, something traditional establishments can’t do, mobile casinos have positioned themselves as market leaders.

Appealing to a Broader Demographic

A successful business plan revolves around appealing to a wide range of people. The bigger your target audience, the more customers you have to buy your products and services. Typically, the likes of Vegas and Atlantic City were male-dominated activities because the casinos catered to men. However, mobile casinos aren’t the same, as they engage women, too. This is best seen in the UK bingo industry. According to research, the game is mainly played online by women – they account for almost 65% of activity. Therefore, women are driving bingo’s growth, one of the fastest-moving online sectors in gambling. Online casino games appeal to the ladies, too, especially as they are much more accessible and less intimidating due to the anonymity the web provides.

The Rise of Payment Methods

Tech is advancing at a rapid rate, and online casinos are leveraging the trends to their benefit. Virtual and augmented reality headsets are two instances of software and hardware for which the sector is a market leader, making profits sustainable for the long-term. Still, the impact of new payment options can’t be understated. Aside from making deposits easier and less stressful thanks to debit and credit cards, remote casinos are venturing into the world of PayPal and cryptocurrencies. Indeed, one poker site is now buying 80 million pounds of Bitcoin monthly to keep up with demand. The extra security and anonymity these deposit methods offer players is essential to the user experience as more emphasis is placed on remaining secure and unknown while online.


Online casinos are implementing new technologies to stay ahead of the game. They are also appealing to a wider range of players as a result, making their products and services easier to sell. Not only has this allowed them to compete with land-based establishments, but it now means they are industry leaders with revenues that suggest they will remain there for the foreseeable future.