Why switch to using a mobile bingo app?

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Bingo is a popular entertainment game in the UK with many people having played the game before or if not possibly will in their lifetime. Before making its way to the UK, the game had travelled across Europe where it started it journey in Italy as a game called Lo Giuoco del Lotto D’Italia, also known as ‘The Italian Lotto’. It then made its way to France where the concept of bingo cards was formed. It was only when the game travelled to UK where the Brits made bingo somewhat their own.

Along came the internet in the 21st century. Things started happening. Gambling was already a popular industry in the UK but the world of online was about to contribute to the boom of the gambling sector. Online casinos started to operate. Online bingo operators had also begun to provide their services, albeit in the mid-noughties only a few had really caught on that online bingo boasted serious potential. Other operators realized that these sites were experiencing the same levels of success as the casinos and started pouring money into operating bingo online themselves. The internet made the magic of technology clear.

Playing bingo on computer and mobile devices

Being able to play online has meant being able to play on your computer, rather than head out to the bingo halls themselves — and why not? It’s certainly comfortable, but not everyone wants to sit behind a desk, clicking away on a mouse button.

Many people are appreciating the ability to play on the move and mobile gaming is becoming increasingly popular. The news website Reuters itself, reporting figures from a report by a senior analyst at the esports analytics business Newzoo, informed readers that out of the 2.7 billion gamers they project to play games in 2020, 2.6 billion will play on mobile devices. According to the report, out of the predicted $159.3 billion the global gaming market will generate, $77.2 billion in revenue will come from mobile gaming. This is an increase of 13.3% from 2019.

In terms of the popularity of online bingo, young(er) people seem to have driven the growth of online bingo. For instance, in the UK, YouGov Profiles data has shown that young people between 25 and 34 years old are the most likely to be found playing the game online. Stats also show that it is this demographic that are also driving the popularity for mobile gaming and are likely to prefer to play games such as bingo from their mobile.

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Online bingo is now targeting a younger demographic with more 25-34 year old’s now playing this game since the transition online.

Enjoying the benefits of online bingo

With the increase in popularity of mobile gaming and younger people accessing more bingo games online, bingo online operators took it upon themselves to begin to create gaming apps. Wink Bingo is an example of an operator that created a mobile bingo app for their players to be able to access bingo games on the go. More players are now signing up for mobile bingo apps for the many benefits that playing via a mobile and app can bring:


The general convenience of playing on an app has got to be the biggest plus. The app makes the game more accessible. You don’t have to start up a computer or carry one around with you and you can play on a lighter, portable device. Not only that, but you can also play whenever suits you, rather than have to wait for the bingo hall to open or finish playing because the bingo hall is closing.


Playing on an online bingo app freshens up a game that has been around for ages and which, from time to time, has need some new life breathing into it. Don’t fancy playing a standard game of bingo? On an app you don’t have to. Online bingo offers different variations of the game, keeping boredom at bay.

You can also play for different jackpots. These include the progressive jackpot, which increases and rolls over to the next game if no one wins it; the community jackpot, of which you can win a share even if you lose; and the escalator jackpot, which becomes easier to win as the game progresses, but which also gets smaller and is best to win early in the game.

Bingo Balls

Online bingo operators offer various games all with different jackpots.

Perks and rewards

Online bingo apps spoil you with rewards and perks that you wouldn’t necessarily get if you were to play in a brick-and-mortar bingo hall. Free trials, so you can decide whether the game and the app are right for you; sign-up bonuses, in which the operator deposits some credit in your account when you join to play (you may also have to deposit some money to receive this though); no deposit bonuses, which you get for signing-up to play; these are just some of the perks.

Then there are the loyalty schemes. Operators, naturally, want to attract and retain customers. One way is with a loyalty scheme, in which the player earns points for their spend that they can then exchange for rewards. The more points they accumulate, the further they move up the different levels of the scheme and the juicier the rewards are. Potential perks include free bingo, cashback, birthday gifts, exclusive promotions and private bingo rooms. If the site also runs online slots, you may receive bonuses for these, too.

Engagement and community

Online bingo operators haven’t forgotten that part of the fun of bingo is the social aspect. That’s why they’ll offer chat rooms so that players can communicate with each other and socialize online. In fact, if a player gets on well with someone in a chatroom, they can even play against each other in a chatroom game.

The original players of bingo way back in the 16th century could never have predicted that several centuries later, the game would become so popular that people would even play it as they travelled from A to B. Who knows — maybe some players themselves aren’t aware of just how old the game is as they happily tap away on their devices. The one thing all players understand, however, is what an enjoyable pursuit playing bingo is. Brilliant!